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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lookin' For Donna

Donna is Donna Lararescu

Back in the sixties there was a musical, "Hair". In the musical there was a song with a lyric about looking for Donna. I thought to myself, what a cool idea .... lookin' for Donna..... Donna Lazarescu.

This is a fun contest.  This post will be updated on a somewhat regular basis, depending on when I have new cell shots. 

This contest is not open to friends of Donna who were with her or may have been with her when the photo was taken.  

So, I will be posting some cell shots in this post from time to time.  If you guess the location of Donna you will win a 12AX7 vacuum tube for your amp.  The tube will be vacuum curve traced and all specs will be documented and recorded. 

You need to guess the location / place / event / restaurant etc., where the cell shot was taken.  Not all of those things, those are just examples of what to answer.  The place would be fine if specific enough as one example.

In the case of somebody trying to pull a stunt such as if there is a shot in a restaurant and they answer "eating", I reserve the right as the sole judge to say .... "nope, you lose" or indicate that your answer is not what I feel is the correct answer :-)

Where was this shot taken?
Only one guess per shot per person

The photo directly below this text block is the current contest photo
Please post your answer in the comment section at the bottom of this post

To see more of Donna, past location shots, the video and more click on "read more"

Maybe it is because I am three times your age but .... I REALLY need to buy you a new pair of shoes to go with that outfit! 

Looks as if it was a rough night for two of Donna's friends.

Received from Donna moments ago; 3-3-11.  Any guesses where she is at the moment?

Your guess on this shot has to be extremely specific as there are too many clues to the general nature of the shot here.

I normally shy away from swimsuit shots as they are a way too common.  Everybody thinks they need 1,000 swimsuit shots in their portfolio.  If you look at the two shots below as head shots you might walk away with a great new perspective on looking at photographic work.

Black and White

More of Donna below - updated quite often


  1. I'm guessing...was taken at Bebe...?

  2. Kayla - I will ask Donna where she took the shot. I also mentioned in the post on her page that if you were shopping with her or if you knew where she got the red dress than you might be disqualified :-( But, in the end, since you are in So Cal if you have somebody in your life who is a guitar player I would work out something in any case as you are a friend of Donna's.

  3. Kayla - Donna said you know where she shops

  4. I don't know Donna personally. Never me her.

  5. Kayla - but the dress is your design :-) In any case, sent you another message. I am happy to help you and the band.

  6. This looks like it was taken in a kebab shop I used to frequent before I became a health freak and decided to eat only cheese and bacon burgers! Of course, I might be wrong!

  7. botique in downtown fullerton