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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Financial Repression Coming to America

Before anybody gets the wrong idea, and even though it is not anybodies business, I will state that I am registered as a Democrat. But ... just as I have lost faith in our system of justice in this country I have also lost faith in our current administration.

As a side note I find it deplorable that some members of our government as pushing the debt debates until the 11th hour to upset the public, worry the public and use the fear of the American public to drive votes away from the current administration and to them in the next election.  Many Americans do not realize that the debt ceiling has been increased many times during past administrations.  Reagan raised the debt ceiling 17 times.  Bush Jr. raised the debt ceiling 7 times. This is nothing new but this is being used to put fear into the heart of the American public.  Again, to many of our elected officials; shame of you.  What little respect I had for many of you has turned to distain and disgust.

Side note to folks that look at statistics of another sort;  Debt increase by presidents: Reagan 186%, Bush II 72% Bush 54% Clinton 41% Obama 23%. Source CBO.

You can continue to read this post, the long version that is updated on a continual basis, each story from each link more depressing than the last.  Or, since our government is making no sense, on 7/28/11 I was driven to write a new post that might fit more into the way our government is currently working.  That post can be read at http://bit.ly/rfnKZg  Can you be as ineffective as our government?  That is the question and topic of the post.

I agree with some of the basic core values of each of the political parties in our country.  My thoughts on big government versus smaller government, abortion, gun rights, taxes, defense, freedom and how freedom is defined, etc., may cross political boundaries. 

In my own case I just observe things on a daily basis and see things getting worse rather than better for the average American trying to live day by day.  High taxes and big dollar portfolios are not as applicable to most of the population.  Gas prices, food prices, basic living necessities, medical attention and a roof over our head is what is important and critical to the vast majority of the population in this country.

I understand that it took many years for the country to get to the current position.  I have written pieces on how America has outsourced jobs, cannot compete for many reasons, how our lack of creative classes in our schools has taken away aspects of creative thinking in art, music, and vocational classes.  I have listened to the point of view that it will take many years to dig out of the current situation.  But, what I cannot wrap my head around is how difficult for me to find some basic examples of how things have gotten better.

Things continue to decline.  What has gotten better?  Where is any improvement?