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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shame on our government

Disclaimer:  This piece is intended as satire.  I believe that all human beings have value.  I also believe that our government in Washington is very ineffective and their recent actions in regard to the debt ceiling are petty, childish and irresponsible at best.  If you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party or any form of the current government in Washington all I have to say to most of you is shame on the lot of you.

My intention here is to voice my level of concern in regard to the recent actions of our elected officials.  If I offend anybody in this piece in regard to harvesting them for body parts I apologize.  That is not my intention as those who know me can attest.  I do not apologize for my expression that I feel our government is ineffective, harmful, not to be trusted.  

If anybody has their own thoughts on how to help our government feel free to leave your idea as a comment.  Please feel free to pass this link along to others.

I have an ongoing post at http://la-economy.blogspot.com/2011/05/financial-repression-coming-to-america.html which is continually updated with one news items after another in regard to the worthless job our elected officials in Washington are doing. 

One shot in the dark after another.  One stupid idea after another.

I have suggested a few of my own ideas and some of these are in the post referenced from the above link. 

At one point, The Speaker of The House even referenced my blog piece in his own blog.  Perhaps one man in the street was being listened to?  Seems that was not the case.

Today 7/28/11, there was a news item:   The final kill shot to the trashed housing market? Mortgage tax break eyed to help cut debt - http://t.co/PPVUA4O

I thought, it looks as the folks in Washington are grasping at anything as long as does not raise taxes on record setting profit level corporations or those in the highest tax bracket.  The last part of the American Dream being taken away by those in Washington.  Shame on all of you no matter what your political party.  This country has never been closer to collapse in the entire history of America.  America has also never been closer to revolution in her history.

I realized why some of my ideas were being ignored after looking at their latest thought to attack the problem of the economy from the above story.  It was obvious!

My prior ideas were not thoughtless.  My ideas were not insensitive.  My ideas lacked bad taste and poor judgement. 

My ideas lacked a basic foundation in key elements such as taking away something that people had already paid for such as Social Security or put more Americans in harms way at extreme cost to the American people even though we have the technology to wage war remotely.

My ideas did not have factors that made no sense.  I proposed a higher tax rate on corporations which are posting higher than ever profits as they lay off more workers.

Our government seems to miss the math that less workers mean less money paid into the tax base and fewer jobs equal fewer workers taking home a paycheck.

For my ideas to work I need to follow a few guidelines, very important guidelines.

1.  Lack of thought.
2.  Lack of responsibility.
3.  Lack of common sense.
4.  Need to be insensitive.
5.  Need to be unfair.
6.  Need to single out the wealthy from what is left of the middle class or blue collar work force.
7.  A requirement to make people upset at even the basic concept of the idea.
8.  A need to single out a group of people and target them.
9.  A requirement to be able to state that some issue was solved and be able to come up with statistics as proof.
10.  A simple and basic stupid idea where even the concept of the idea has no redeeming social value.

In short, the idea or concept needed to be stupid enough, offensive enough and thoughtless enough that no matter what the education level, background, position in the community or respect that an individual may have held in the past the basic proposal or thought of the idea alone carried enough negative value that they would be thought of as a fool.  This was the only way I would be able to match the tone level with our current government and communicate with them on their current level. 

After moments of thought I had a plan that would raise revenue, mostly from the wealthy AND solve a social issue.

There have been news stories about the laws in Arizona concerning illegal aliens.  My plan addresses that issue.

Tax the wealthy?  My plan addresses that issue.  The most wealthy can participate in the program and those with less wealth will automatically be excluded from the program.  Before you say that is illegal let me state that I am aware of no law that says that a person in a low income bracket cannot legally purchase a Bentley Turbo R or Ferrari.

Generate revenue?  You bet.

Here is the plan in all it's simplicity.

First we can create more jobs by adding numbers to our internal home defense forces.  They are not paid a salary.  They are commission based and paid on actual head count of people collected.  To use an old phrase from the sixties and my day in the military; body count.

Second, we round up all illegal or undocumented aliens using our new defense force. 

Before anybody goes of the deep end and panics due to worry about housing, feeding and caring for those rounded up let me put your mind at rest.  All detainees will be taken to the geographically closest hospital where they will be given 24 hours to prove they are a U.S. Citizen.  If proof cannot be shown there is no deportation or added expense.  They are terminated within the 24 hour period and all their organs are collected.

Third, the collected organs are put on eBay for sale.  The sale mechanism already exists!  No need for additional government expense or the creation of yet another agency of ineffective and worthless people who collect a salary for accomplishing little more than making the lives of millions worse each day. 

If you need a kidney you can have a kidney.... if you have the dollars.  Money would flow in from all over the globe!  We could get money back into the USA that went to China.  People that live in countries where jobs were lost to outsourcing would be a new revenue stream as well. 

OK.  It seems as if I covered all the aspects of stupidity while being insensitive at the same time. 

I was offensive as well yet address a number of problems while focusing on the wealthy to raise the money and dividing the wealthy from the remainder of the population. 

To our government, all parties.  You are an embarrassment for most Americans.  You act like school children as you argue and posture while you come up with one stupid idea after another. 

It matters little at this time whether our current President was handed a problem that took decades to develop.  It matters little at this time that previous administrations raised the debt ceiling multiple times during their administration.  It does matter to me that some people in our government are avoiding these facts to push their own agenda in spite of further damage to the economy.

To our government:  The American People are disgusted with the lot of you.

By the way, if you do go along with my idea I propose that before the illegal aliens are taken we first move upon our nation's Capitol and start the collection right there.

Joe Lieberman Says U.S. Should Cut Social Security To Pay For Fighting ‘The Islamist Extremists’ http://t.co/ftV8omo - move Lieberman to the front of the list for deportation from America.  I paid into Social Security based on promises our government made over my entire working career.

9/23/11 Update - seems as if they are at it again - Senate rejects House funding bill; shutdown looms http://t.co/1Xylav34