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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vacuum Tube Classics and reflections on October

In this post I am going to continue my vacuum tube series of data sheets and look back on some of the activities during the last part of October.  

Earlier this month I wrote about the Stubb's BBQ for 1,000 down at Union Rescue Mission http://la-economy.blogspot.com/2010/10/bar-b-que-for-1000.html and the 6th L.A. Ampshow.

The 65 Amps press party on the two new amps in my post where there are a lot of photos posted as well at http://la-economy.blogspot.com/2010/10/weekly-wrapup-in-few-photos.html 

Moving on to the tube info.....
These are two sought after classics.  The GEC KT-66. KT stands for kinkless tetrode as a side note.  The tube is interchangeable with a 6L6 but is a very different tube with very different response and tone.  More lows and lower mids is one way of looking at things.  Bigger is a words some use to describe the tone.

A typical GEC KT66 will have about 10mA more plate current at the same plate voltage and bias than a typical (spec) 6L6.  This means they are not plug and play, a bias check and adjustment is a good idea.

Some amps that use the KT66 in the music instrument world utilize ultra-linear output transformer circuit designs.  Most high end audio amplifiers that use this tube do the same.  An ultra-linear output transformer is not a requirement.  These tubes sound huge in amps such as Fender amps from the tolex and black face eras.

The complete data sheet set:

The second tube data sheet set is the Tung Sol 5881.  This is from the era when a 5881 was not the same as a 6L6.  They were still interchangeable but they were in different tubes.  The plate dissipation was higher on this particular tube back in this era by about 20% over the 6L6 of the day.  23 watts was the plate rating on this tube.  6L6 tubes of the day were typically about 19 or so watts.  This tube was the big monster in the 6L6 family of the day and was the tube used in amps such as the Fender High Power Tweed Twin.  Today the rating of the 6L6 or 5881 is typically 30 watts.  The 5881 of today is generally a 6L6 with a 5881 label or at times made in a shorter bottle to look more akin to the original shorter bottle Tung Sol or other 5881 tubes in the past.  There is even one company out there that bought the Tung Sol name and puts the label on current tubes that have little in common with the originals from a design standpoint.

The complete data sheet set:

Moving on to other activties this last month.

The month was busy with things like the L.A. Ampshow, the press conference at 65 Amps, consulting work on new amp designs and there were a lot of folks in town from out of town who I took around and showed the sights.  Those things changed the basic nature of my general activities but in a nice way.

I made fewer trips to Skid Row in October in the evening than I usually do in a month.  I only made nine night trips.  I did make a few day trips.  A few were to www.urm.org - Union Rescue Mission.  One trip was for the Stubb's BBQ and another trip was to take a friend from out of town to see Skid Row, see URM and talk to the folks on the street.  I think many misconceptions were erased in his mind after talking one on one with many of the folks that live on the street.

The month of October was a busy month for the folks at Union Rescue Mission.  Andy Bales wraps up the month with this video.  A lot of very cool things happened this month.  I will try to get some statistical data to post later or perhaps ammend this blog entry. 

Thanksgiving is upon us.  The folks at Union Rescue Mission could use a bit of help.  Some of their comments: 

Please consider sponsoring a Thanksgiving table this holiday season. It costs just $36.80 to provide Thanksgiving dinner for a table of 20! Your gift not only provides a delicious holiday celebration, but an opportunity to transform lives.

Thanks to donated food and wonderful volunteers, it only costs $1.84 to provide a hot meal to our guests here at URM. And this Thanksgiving, we’re planning a mouthwatering menu complete with turkey, stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and pumpkin pie heaped with ice cream!

But the nourishing meals that you help provide are just the first step. By making people feel truly at home for Thanksgiving, they begin to relax, open up and find hope again.

You can help directly by following this link:

I did a bit more than typical this month.  Last Sunday I shot with Jason King and Fabrizio Buschini over at www.moorenmoore.com  Jason broke a firing pin return spring which was fixed in the field.  Jason is the head fellow behind http://www.internationalsportingclays.com 

Jason is on the left launching for Fabrizio as I take the photo

Jason's broken pin ( 5 pieces ) prior to repair.  Jason had spare parts on hand

I continued to watch the economy, the unemployment picture and the battles of the upcoming election.  I posted a number of links to stories which I thought were notable:

On 60 Minutes last Sunday - take a look at the video.  This might be you or could be you.

It is really a numbers game - smoke and mirrors. After 26 weeks the first wave are no longer counted as noted in this piece - Initial and Continuing Claims Fall -

Foreclosure mess will take years to clean up -

99ers and Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Supporters – Tier 5 in Their Face

99ers: How Many People Have Run Out Of Unemployment Benefits?

Parents Told to Dump Disabled Kids at Homeless Shelters

Homeless camp near Hollywood Bowl is dismantled

Some of my posts on twitter which reflect some of what I am involved in:

36 Ind. unemployment officers to have armed guards -  People getting a bit more angry?


From my friend Andy Bales of Union Rescue Mission - we share cell phone food shots
Better shot, Myles, of 5 lb. Ribeye roast cooked in crock pot for my birthday! http://twitpic.com/30kokc

I had a bit of a cold for a few days (which is still with me at this time) so I took life a bit slower in the evenings.  I compiled over 300 food shots into a slide show. These shots are from the last two or so years, from about September 2008.

Most of these meals I have eaten. Probably over 95%. 

I am 5'10" and weigh 170 or a bit less. Still. Perhaps it is walking a few miles each day that helps.

These shots are from cell phone cameras and good cameras. Some of from friends. Some are meals cooked by and eaten with friends.

Some of these shots are from people who send me their cell phone shots as they are eating and I send back my shots.

Thanks to too many folks to begin to list here but you know who you are!

These photos have been reduced in size and resolution.

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