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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Monday, September 23, 2013

President Obama - You have lost one more Democrat

President Obama - you should bow your head in shame
Using the Naval Base tragedy to further your own agenda

I just wrote our President.

I have done this in the past.

I have NEVER received a reply even though others I have written have had the courtesy to send me back a simple form letter.

This is my latest:

I voted for you.  Twice.

I felt you have done some good things for the country and some not so good things.

Your approach to reduce violence by restricting firearms ownership is nothing short of shallow thinking and setting up a platform for people whose thought processes are simplistic at best.

You are not addressing mental health, the economy or the myriad of other aspects that contribute to violence.

You show inconsistent logic on a regular basis.  Strict gun laws to limit, restrict or make unavailable sporting arms one moment and expecting us to bomb Syria the next.

The recent tragedy at the Naval facility was a lack of security.  It was a result of a sick individual.  How dare you use this tragedy to support your own agenda when it has nothing to do with the facts.  

Shame on you.  You may be President of the United States of America but I have lost respect for you as a human being and person.  

What are you going to do if somebody tosses a ammonia gas bomb in a public place at some point?  Outlaw cleaning products?  Outlaw bleach?  

Criminals will continue to pay no attention to laws and will continue to procure weapons of many types on an illegal basis.  Your reaction to that is to take weapons away from those who legally procure them and remove the defensive capability of the citizens that follow the law.  When trouble is seconds away the police take minutes to arrive.

I am a registered Democrat.  In the future I intend to vote against the Democratic party unless the actions and past performance of a candidate is clear to me.  If undecided I will vote against the Democratic candidate.

I find your actions detestable.  Revolting.  Disgusting.

You have lost one more Democrat.

My thoughts on the NRA can be viewed (along with four videos) at