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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Monday, March 29, 2010

King Taco ???? - American Idle ????

Today I was somewhat all over the map.  I went to http://www.65amps.com/ in the morning, went back to my place and took the gas piston out of my autoloader shotgun and tossed it into a jar of Slip 2000 choke tube and piston cleaner to let soak while I was gone for the day, jumped on the Metro red line and headed downtown.  I was not sure of my plan for a destination other than I wanted to have lunch in a new place.  When amp work is slower I tend to leverage my postion in this current economy as one of the millions in that new reality show on life ....  American Idle.

Once I arrived at Untion Station I was faced with two options.  North to Pasadena or South to East Los Angeles.  Mexican food seemed to jump into my mind so South I went.

I ended up here ....

These photos will be by waltarrrrr on Flickr as they are better than the photos I took via my cell phone

So ... yes, I ended up at King Taco and folks on facebook were already aware of this as I uploaded info and data in real time.
King Taco.  A chain.  Before you freak out and figure how can a chain be cool think of this for a moment.  These folks started out .... well .... let me grab this from their website
King Taco History:

Founded in 1974, King Taco began its operation from a converted ice cream truck. The Mexican fast food favorite has since expanded to 20 popular locations throughout Los Angeles County. We service a wide variety of authentic Mexican foods, King Taco has been recognized by prominent food critics and has also placed within the top 100 of Hispanic Business Magazine’s “Top 500 Hispanic Businesses.”

Mexican food lovers attribute King Taco’s success to its use of fresh ingredients and consistent quality.

Bottom line....  if these folks can raise enough cash over the long haul to build and expand their chain then they must be doing something right somewhere.

You can see their menu here - http://www.kingtaco.com/menu.html

I was at the 3rd street location in Los Angeles but their other spots can be found here:

A few more shots from today, the below photos are my photos.

That's all for now.