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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FrogLube - does it just work?

Many folks reading this are aware of the testing I have done on vacuum tubes and the claims of cryogenic testing.  I have published reports on many things, based on scientific testing using scientific equipment based on my decades of QA / QC experience and held to ISO 9000 standards. which means the tests are documented and repeatable.

I am an avid firearms enthusiast.  After hearing and reading the claims of this product I decided to look into this myself.  I have used this product for almost two years.  I have tested FrogLube against conventional products in actual use and in the lab.  Is this a now a matter of cryro tube mumbo-jumbo, I asked myself.

FrogLube.  Disabled Vet company.  Make by Navy Seals.  Well, as some of you know, I am also a disabled vet.  I have known a few Navy Seals and some have seen the photos of my past.  I guess Navy Seals can become lubrication chemists like anybody else but rather than let "American Sniper" influence things with cool references and buzz words I will just continue my quest for answers.

There has been a lot of FrogLube testing on the Internet.  Here are a few examples.

This fellow tested FrogLube against WD40.  Cooking oil would have fared as well as the FrogLube and WD40 is a water displacement not a rust preventative OR a lubricant.  There are tons of these sorts of tests on the net.  

Folks that have a lot of time on their hands to document how things rust.  

Well, I don't leave my guns outside.  I also clean and oil them after every use.  I found that FrogLube does clean things very well and will keep things from rusting as will most any oil, especially if you lube your firearms on a regular basis and don't leave them outside for weeks on end.

Side note ... WD40 is a water displacement, not a lubricant.  In a marine environment it actually promotes corrosion.

So .... I called FrogLube directly with a few questions.  I was asked to email my questions to them directly.  I did that on June 5.  I also wrote them from two areas on their website.  I also wrote them on their Facebook page.   

I can't say much about their customer service other than it needs improvement.  I finally got an email response today, after calling them again directly today after no reply.  I talked to a nice fellow named Michael each time I called.  Today, after an email from their tech folks, an email that skirted the questions, I asked to talk to somebody in their tech department directly.  Michael informed me that he was the only one there and nobody was available.  I asked myself, are these folks just grabbing some old Crisco and adding a bit of green color?  It seems to meet all their claims and black powder shooters have been using the stuff for decades.  Another version of cryogenic treating of objects?

Some of the dialogue from the past on my process of trying to get answers from the FrogLube folks:

I wrote earlier today, and also called (and was asked to write as the person who answered the phone had no technical expertise, told me that, asked me to write). I wrote your tech folks from this website and also sent a normal email as per your request.

Basic question .... You talk a lot about cleaning, rust prevention, corrosion, but there is little talk about lubrication. How does your coefficient of friction compare to products like Rem-Oil, Wilson Combat Ultimate Lube, M-Pro7?

Thank you.

Myles Rose
June 5 at 4:05pm

One more email.

I called you folks and was asked to send my questions in an email.

I was trained as an aviation metalsmith decades ago and have my A&P license. I have watched oils and lubricants change over the years.

I shoot extensively. I have used your products and am generally satisfied but have a few questions.

1. What is the lubrication component in Froglube? Is it an actual lubricant or is it that there is a lubrication side effect of the formula? 

Corn and vegetable based oils break down under pressure and friction. Looking at some of the wear patterns on some of my firearms makes me wonder about the lubricating properties of Froglube. Perhaps I'd have these same wear patterns using other products, it could just be time in use. So, my question ...

2. Based on the above and tests of friction in a lab environment how do you folks test and compare your coefficient of friction with products such as MPro-7 or other common products on the market? Do you have any hard data or is your answer based on your "feeling" or observations? 

3. Have you tested and compared your product against mineral oils and synthetic oils?

4. Do you have any thoughts on Stainless vs blued steel using your product?

I have followed application instructions to the letter. I have been using your product on new and on worn arms. 

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply. Hopefully it will not be a press release, somebodies testimonial (opinion), and will be actual data. A lubrication company does have gear to measure coefficient of friction.

Basic question .... You talk a lot about cleaning, rust prevention, corrosion, but there is little talk about lubrication. How does your coefficient of friction compare to products like Rem-Oil, Wilson Combat Ultimate Lube, M-Pro7?
June 5 at 4:09pm · 

Today I received the email below.  I have altered the font to bold on some of the issues that I found a bit disconcerting.  


Thanks for your inquiry. 

Answers to your questions in order:

1. FrogLube products utilize  'natural formulations' in our engineering process. The only difference between our formulas and petroleum - based products, such as MPRO 7, is the absence of petroleum as a basis. As far as ingredients, we are unable to reveal the ingredients due to the proprietary nature of the formulations. As far as we can determine, there are no others on the market that have been able to duplicate our degreasing solvent/lubricant system and in order to maintain our industry edge, we must keep those secret. Thanks for your understanding. 

As far as 'wear patterns', you will likely see wear in any firearm moving part. Our system both removes surface fouling and absorbs into metal. Both are designed to reduce the incidence of wear and that is what we have observed in literally 100,000 rds of shooting. You should expect at least a 30-40% reduction in wear over the course of time.  

Based on what?  I have seen wear that is more extensive during friction coefficient testing of stainless steels, 
17-4PH steel, carbon steels, 2024 and 7075 aluminium alloys than I have found using some of the other products I mentioned to you folks.  As I mentioned to Michael earlier today (6/10/15), I am always open to talking to somebody from your company and would be happy to update this post with your commentary and feedback as all my posts are ongoing pieces.  

2. We do have hard data which would require both a reason and the signing of a NDA for revealing the information. We do not do lab comparisons with other products as a rule; however, we do recommend functional testing such as round counts between failures, corrosion prevention and accuracy deviation. We suggest that you will discover substantive improvements in these types of empirical tests between your own firearms.  

I found the comment above about not comparing with other products a comment that spoke volumes to me. 
Your website has countless statements and references on how your products work better than others. Based on what? 

3. Again, we are not a testing company and we believe we have catapulted natural lubrication and cleaning solvents into the forefront of the firearms industry. This industry leading posture keeps us in constant product development and our natural formulas are always being tested on the range and in firearms. Trying to compare our products to our competitors would be like comparing apples to oranges since there is too much of a difference between us to be of much use. 

Again, based on what?  You already stated that you do not compare your product to other products in the firearms industry.  You believe?  What's with all that other double speak?  Apples and oranges?  Are you saying synthetic versus petroleum based products?  Hmmm.  Probably not.  Those were around long before you folks.  You can eat it?  Probably not that as you can eat Crisco.  Maybe the color of green you use?  I may have found the magic after all, or your point?

4.  Our solvents clean ANY metal. Our lubricants work on all metals, but are influenced by the density of the metal (the more dense the metal, the less our lubricant absorbs) and/or the coating such as bluing. We have not seen any problems on ANY coating to date. Our data goes back to over 6 years of use across the industry. If a coating is a bad coating, no product can save it. If it's a good coating, no amount of FrogLube can harm it. 

Any solvents clean any metal.  All lubricants share the same aspects of density to a greater or lesser extent.  In fact, any metal that is heated prior to application will exhibit the same qualities and actions as your product.  

As far as a greater or lesser extent, inexpensive Rem-Oil absorption is greater than that of FrogLube and your paste formulation fell to the back of the list when it came to comparing with some other products in this aspect.

Lubrication qualities of your grease weight stuff?  Try comparing to Mobil 1 synthetic grease, the red grease that sells for a fraction of the cost of your product at any auto parts store.  Feel free to use it to clean .... after you used FrogLube.  You may find it a bit of a surprise.  Lithium based and aluminium based greases also have lubrication qualities that you may want to look into .... or comment on?

I should base part of my decision that your product is mild enough not to harm a bad coating on a firearm?  Side note ... I do not buy bad firearms or cheap firearms.  

Hope this helps,

Tech Support

As I informed Michael today, I would be very happy to talk about these points and would be thrilled to be enlightened if I have missed something.  All I ask is a lack of personal opinion, double speak and marketing dialogue.  I ask for actual data and straight answers.  One should not have to sign an NDA to answer the question of which has a lower coefficient of friction, Frog Lube or product X (if product X is a well known product from a company in the industry, especially a company who has been around longer than you folks have been around.

I will say that FrogLube is the best barrel cleaner and lube I have used.  I use it extensively in my shotguns that get a lot of use, more than once every week, for trap and sporting clays.  I use a case of shells per week on average, that's about 1,000 rounds per month.  There is less streaking from plastic wads, cleanup is easier, and my chokes stay much cleaner and are easier to clean than I have found using any other product.  That being said, if we can get some of my friction and wear questions addressed I'd be happy.  

At this point I think of you as the folks in the music industry that feel that they invented something new ... a solid state replacement for a vacuum tube that plugs into the slot for the tube.  In the past they were known as FETrons but that was before many of the folks making the claim were around to have seen them in use.

Now, if you want to start by answering my initial questions, directly and to the point, maybe I can help.  I have a lot of experience in testing, metallurgy, and ISO 9000 QA and QC.

I am the first to stand up and support a veteran based business or to support veterans, disabled veterans, and work with Union Rescue Mission, in Los Angeles California www.urm.org. the largest homeless mission in the United States, to help homeless veterans.  Jumping on the "vet bandwagon" does not impress me much.  There are millions of us.  Jumping on the Navy Seal bandwagon raised a little bit of a red flag for me.  I knew and worked with Navy Seals and one quality they seemed to all have was that they did not talk much about being a Seal.  I guess things are different these days with the books and films about Seals but the Seals I worked with were cut from a different cloth.  That has little to do with my questions and concerns, just a personal statement.

Myles S. Rose

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Is it the law or your perception?

Many think that some of the laws in California and/or the City of Los Angeles are somewhat restrictive.  This is far from true.  It is usually the perspective of the individual that guides them in the wrong direction, which is of course, the hope of the government.

The other night I was in Hollywood where I was talking to two Sheriffs next to where selfie sticks were being sold.  I commented.  "Self protection batons are not legal"? Thankfully the large size, the selfie stick is legal?  They did not disagree and found my commentary amusing.  So .... I continued my train of though over the next few days.  

A four pointed Ninja throwing star or the more deadly 6" x 6" desk frame, in plain sight on your desk at work, next time you have a disagreement at work?  Side note ... it would be a longer running story on the evening news I'd bet.

Consider an ankle weight next time to go out walking for exercise.  They come in a variety of weights and sizes AND .... if you want to be famous, wait until you are arrested and when the #NRA supplies your lawyer your face will be all over the TV media and in the news during the trial.

Holiday season blues?  Keep one of these legal glass heavy objects on your desk.  They can be used as a bashing object in your hand or thrown to cause serious damage.  I bet you could even walk into a Federal building checkpoint with one, or an airport.

If there are laws you do not agree with it may just be a matter of your own perception.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wells Fargo Fails

How many Wells Fargo departments and employees does it take to attempt to rectify a $1000 mistake made by them?   I don't know.  The problem is not yet resolved and I am still counting people, departments, and days since the problem occurred.

On February 12, 2015 I discovered that a lot of money was removed from my account.  

This was not an instance of identity theft.  This was not fraud.  What this turned out to be was that a teller at a Wells branch in Houston Texas typed my account number off a sloppy customer withdrawal slip.  Did the teller check the ID of the person she handed my money over to?  Nope.  Did she look at the person and ask why their address was in Houston when the account was not even in the state of Texas?  Nope.

In the process of trying to get this resolved, which is still not the case, I talked to many people in many departments.  The overall service was about as bad as service can get.  

This morning on February 23 I talked to Wanda.  She assured me somebody would call me back. That has not happened.  I am now working with the folks on Twitter.  My confidence level is pretty low.

On 2/12 I talked to Bradon at 0935pst.  He gave me a reference ID that never did work and when I escalated the problem I was given a new number.  He was somewhat helpful but did not win any awards in my book.

Over the last two weeks I have talked to Alyssa in PA, Kenneth Hudson, Charolette (the worst of any of them), Kat (one of the supervisors), Pricilla, who gave me a claim reference number that finally worked, Patrick, Maribel (the Houston Asst. Branch Manager who did help me in one of the aspects of the problem), and today ( 2/23/15 at 9:35am PST) I spoke to Wanda who told me somebody would call me back.  I have not received a call back as a side note.  The only calls back today have been from Wells Fargo Social Media folks who called me after I complained on Twitter.  By the way, the two folks who have called me via Twitter have been useless at best and ineptly unprofessional for the most part.

Bottom line ...  When a bank can take money out of your account in seconds by mistake I think that it is only fair for them to resolve the issue in moments.  As I said, this was an error on their part and as of this moment it has not been fully resolved.

Shame on you Wells Fargo.  As the say in the world of social media ..... #FAIL 

2/23 1:07pm PST Update:  I was just called by Angela from Wells Fargo.  She had no information on my problem and no information on me.  She wanted my full account number and SSN.  I asked if she was empowered to actually resolve my problem, that is, can she access my account.  She said no, and would pass me along to somebody else.  I explained that her intended action had been done countless times already and she has been nothing more than a call to attempt to appease me from my point of view.  I asked her to pass my issue along to a somebody who could actually perform an action.

At this point it is clear that the Wells Fargo customer service organization is little more than a roadblock between a problem and it's resolution.  Too many people, too many departments, nobody empowered to do anything other than pass a customer on to somebody else, VERY slow claim response, and a lack of communication between departments, people and resources.

I will continue to update this if and when there are changes or additional actions taken.

2/23/15 4:42pm PST

Wells Fargo Social Media called me at 3:40pm PST.  Ivan Cathus left a message for me to call him back.  I called back at 4:30pm PST as I had been driving and do not call talk on the phone while in motion.  Ivan was not there.  My call was picked up by Marisol who informed me that Ivan is not in the office.

Marisol wanted all the same information all over again.  Rather than go through this insane process yet again I asked her straight out .... If you verify my account information do you have the ability, tools, and authorization to make changes to the balance in my account?  She said she did not.  She would need to refer me to somebody else.  I was left thinking .... are these folks clueless, incompetent, totally untrained, liars (I was told by Angela that somebody who could actually help would call me), or just plain stupid?

This blog piece was created on 2/23/15 at 11:03am PST.  At this point in time 2,473 people have read this piece.  As of 7:00pm PST there have been 5,433 reads of this piece.  Thanks to many of you on Twitter for the RT.

Update as of 3/9/2015

Well, I did not put this piece into my distribution mechanism but it still managed to receive 11,609 reads as of today.

This will probably be my last entry as it looks like my balance is finally correct once again as of today with the last account adjustment.  Now, as long as things stay the way they are now, I can put this behind me.  Almost a month for Wells Fargo to resolve this problem.  By the way, those folks that promised to call me?  Never happened.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Needle in a haystack? A good politician.

I use social media a lot.  Most of you know what amp or guitar folks I like, what concerts or artists I am working with, where I am at a given moment in time and what I am eating and who I am with while eating.

I generally don't write much on this page that is of a political nature unless it is a link back to my L.A. Blog where I bitch about political issues, companies that give poor service, the homeless, the latest reports in on my testing in the vacuum tube market, and at times offer some advice on things I like. 430,000 folks read my blog last month in August.  My blog is followed by organizations in both parties and I am followed on Twitter by these folks as well who can be found in my twitter followers.

One piece I wrote received enough attention that John Boener included it in his newsletter.  Guess they only looked at the one piece and thought they had me figured out.  I guess they used it as fodder in reference to the economy.

Click on image for full size display
My piece is "Financial Repression Coming to America". 

My political posts focus on the inept actions of our Government, at all levels.  No state has a monopoly on lack of sense, lack of participation on the part of our representatives, folks we have elected that end up being prosecuted for criminal behavior, or just doing things that we would not expect from a twelve year old.

I am not what some would label as a political person.  I focus my attention on things I enjoy and watching political antics are things that I don't have to seek out.  A few minutes watching the news is enough to disgust anybody.

I apologize my habit of not getting to the point.  I digress, as typical.

Mike Gatto.  California State Assembly. Does the guy just phone it in?  Nope.  Does he miss meetings?  No. Are there photos of him on the internet playing solitaire during session or dozing off?  No.  Does he go along for the ride and do little or nothing?  Nope.

I guess I could list all the things he does not do.  I will also say that I might not agree or disagree with everything he has done or is doing.  But .... yes, the proverbial "but", if you look at his 2014 legislation (heck, go back to 2010 if you wish),  you will find he is very active and has done a lot of really great things for the people that put him in office.  Look at his record at http://asmdc.org/members/a43/legislation/2014-legislation.  Stuff that actually makes sense, well to me anyway.

Many of you reading this in California are not in District 43 so why should you care?  Two reasons.  

1 - Here are some facts that give us hope that not all folks in politics are crooks, lazy, liars, lack leadership, stall the government like a six year old when things don't go their way, folks incapable of working with others, or just plain criminals like Senator Yee right here in California.  There is that needle in the haystack.

2 - If Mike Gatto can be convinced by others to run for Governor of California then many of you can vote for the man and would be making a good call. 

Check the man out.  He is the real deal.    

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mike Gatto - Firearms Friend or Foe?

I have written a number of pieces on politics and some of the leaders that run this country.  I have been following Mike Gatto, my assemblyman.  I have been happy with many of the things he has done. ... most of them.

I am now watching him closely in regard to a particular bill in process, SB53.  You can read the full context of SB 53 here if you want to take a crack at figuring out what is actually happening in this mess at https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140SB53

In any event, the Principal coauthor, Yee has been found to be a criminal as a side note.

Recently I wrote Mike Gatto.  I am waiting for a response.  What I wrote and the rest of the story can be seen if you click on "read more" below.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Toyota Financial Services - Inept

One more group found filled with inept people who are ineffective and whose customer service department is a roadblock to problem resolution rather than a solution to the problem.

As of today there have been over a half a dozen calls placed to not only TFS (Toyota Financial Services) and to Toyota Corporate on three occasions, the first call to my dealer, Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys.  At this point in time the problem remains.

To read the entire story click on "read more"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moments of time captured as I venture through life

If you have an hour or two to waste, time you will never get back, and want to get laid off or fired from work for messing around at work just watch the slide show at the bottom of this piece.  Heck, leave it running on your computer and work when you leave your desk and people will never again look at you in the same way.

There are over 3,000 random snapshots in my Coffee Table Book collections.  I am creating this blog post to bring my sanity into question based on my lifestyle as depicted in these shots as I live my life.  I am posting this in honor of one of my favorite amp techs in Los Angeles who has commented more than once about some of my antics.

On a side note, his name is Mike Franceschini and if you need your amp worked on, fixed, modded or restored you can find him at http://www.yelp.com/biz/classic-amp-repair-north-hollywood  The photo below is Mike at work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Worst in Customer Service

Many of you have read my consumer posts on ATT, Sprint, BWP, and other customer service examples of poor service and general ineptitude. Well folks, it seems as if there is a new winner in WORST customer service that I have experienced.... Century Link

click on "read more" to continue

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What I learned from the failure of a single tube

This morning I woke up thinking about my friend Dan Boul.  OK.  That may be a bit misleading.  I love Dan like a brother but ....   

I had a huge dinner which may have contributed to weird dreams.  Could that have contributed?  My Facebook friends are aware of the dinner I had last night as a side note.

The thought was about the day The Whiskey died a few weeks ago.  

Probably got your attention by now?  Possible man crush?  Amp failure?  Click on "Read more" below to continue.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I spent the evening on Skid Row

Last night I spent the evening on the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles California.  Los Angeles is home to the highest homeless population in the nation.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oak Tree Gun Club and Armatix

Oak Tree gun club is a popular shooting facility in Southern California.  I shoot there a number of times each week.  Currently there is a dialogue on their Facebook page in reference to their business relationship or lack of a business relationship with a company, Armatix, who develops "smart gun" technology.

Maybe some of you have heard about "smart guns" or micro-stamping technology.  Some of you may be aware that at least two major firearms makers have stopped shipping firearms to California due to being required to use this technology in products sold in California.

In any case, I thought I'd take a moment to include my own thoughts on this subject of the relationship between Oak Tree and Armatix.  This Armatix incident is not the only example of the way Oak Tree does some of their business.  I like the place and many of the employees but they need to put attention toward some of the business practices, operating procedures and executive management. 

Click on "Read more" to continue.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Genalex - Gold Lion N709 / EL84 Power Vacuum Tube

Just when you thought vacuum tube production could not get any worse ....

Have I mentioned that I feel the current state of affairs regarding vacuum tubes is not very good?

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

KT-150 Tung Sol vacuum tube

Test results and observations on this new tube offering.

Tube Depot ( great folks) says that a pair will produce 300 watts yet the max plate dissipation is spec'd at 70 watts.  I don't understand that 300 watt figure.  A KT88SV as a side note is 50 watts and a regular KT88 is 42 or so watts.  They run $90 per tube.  

I will be looking at these asking myself ... is there a reason?  How do they sound when driven to distortion?  (A KT88 distorts in a lovely way but a 6550 distorts in a quick and raspy way that is not too pleasant).  Do they last at voltages on the spec sheet?  Most tubes today do not.  How long will they keep going at full rated voltages?  (My standard series of life tests.)  What do their traces REALLY look like?  Design spec drawings are often not close to being accurate.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday and Super Bowl Parties

Andy Bales, the CEO of Union Rescue Mission just posted a few photos on Facebook.  His caption read:  

Starting on a batch of chili for 1000 for the big game today-should I say Souper Bowl? I'll post finished product!

Union Rescue Mission.  What a great organization.  Andy Bales.  Their CEO and one heck of an amazing man.

Superbowl Sunday will not see as many homeless folks go hungry, or miss the game if that is of interest.  You want to impress folks with your Superbowl party where you feed ten ... twenty .... fifty?  It won't impress me much.  Andy and is crew will feed over 1,000.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sale price my butt ....

In the past I used the products from these folks.  Last time I was given one price on the phone when the order was placed when I was told the amount my credit card would be charged.  A few days later the charge came which was higher than the amount I was told would be charged.  In four orders this was the first time this happened.  I was always charged the posted price.

Click on "read more" for the bigger story

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are You Young or Old?

Are you young or old?  Debated.  Argued throughout history.  The answer is easy.  It is not open to interpretation.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Relationship Advice

Perhaps the thoughts of my last three wives?
But .... to continue .... Some humor perhaps, some advice too .....

The other day I posted my status on Facebook which I often do:

Recap of the past 24 hours. 

Click on "Read more" if you wish to .... read more ;)