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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

President Obama. One very smart cookie?

I am going to point out some FACTS.  Take this or leave this.  Put the pieces together or walk away from the compelling evidence.  

It is clear to me that our President and his administration are masters at working the system.  There are none better at working the media.  They have no equal in history at leveraging tragic events to put the nation back on track to prosperity and growth.

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This piece will probably generate some comments from others when it is posted on the Internet.  The "haters"  may not be able to put the pieces of this simple jigsaw puzzle together and if that is the case they should turn to their children as an option.

The facts.

There was a horrific and tragic event at a school where innocent lives were taken.  The news media reported this event and were possibly working closely with The White House. Steps may or may not have been put into motion to leverage this event for the benefit of the current administration.

Unemployment was at a high point in the last few years. Fact.

People have been complaining that small business was suffering while large corporations, those Fortune 500 companies, were being given preferential treatment.  Fact.

Walk into any gun store.  The shelves are bare.  Fact.

Walk into Big 5 Sporting goods, Wall Mart, K Mart or any store that sells .22 LR ammunition.  This is sporting ammunition.  It is used for target shooting.  It is used to teach young children safe firearms practices and basic marksmanship. It is used for hunting small game such as rabbit.  It is used by farmers to shoot rodents who destroy their crops.  It is not a military round and has not been used in any of the recent tragic events.  The shelves are bare.  There is no .22 rim fire ammunition for sale. Fact.

The following facts can be verified in MANY media stories and on many TV news stories.

Gun makers and manufacturers have increased production dramatically. These people are hiring.  Fact.

Ammunition manufacturers have increased production dramatically.  Fact.

Homeland security is buying millions, billions perhaps trillions of rounds of ammunition.  Fact.  Firearms are being purchased in record numbers by this organization.  Fact.

The military has increased purchases of firearms and ammunition at the highest levels in history.  Fact.

Unemployment is decreasing.  Fact.

Employment has increased dramatically at the ammunition and firearms factories.  These are small companies in most cases.  Fact.

There have been many debates where gun owners tried to use the logic that properly trained people should be allowed to possess firearms.  The media said it was generally only criminals, gang members and crazy people that caused problems. Is it possible the Government took steps to counter these arguments?

Let me ask you to think about recent events in California where a highly trained (according to the media) ex-military man and police officer went on a rampage (and is still at large) shooting innocent people and law enforcement officers.  I ask myself if this could be a plot by the government to show that guns should not be in the hands of anybody including trained people?  Perhaps it is nothing more than the media and administration using the timing of this tragic event to their advantage.  Consider some of the facts about this ex-military ex-law enforcement officer.  He was fired for testifying against others for excessive force or something like that.  I may have my facts wrong in this example so please feel free to fact check on your own.  There are two sides to every story and if somebody is hired by the LAPD and has risen to the ranks of an officer in the U.S. Navy and THEN flipped out could there be some other question that need to be asked?

It would not be the first time in history that our government, the media, law enforcement or court system twisted data and situations to support their agenda. Fact.

It is obvious to me what is going on here but I have been trained to look ahead for danger and that is why I am writing this piece.  I am a prophet perhaps.  Perhaps the Oracle of our age?  I am old enough to be either.

How many of you have heard stories about water heaters exploding?  It is more common than you might think! 

How many of you have been burned by hot water?  Hot water is dangerous.  Fact.

I for one believe that there is a task force in the bunker under The White House where a small group sits and plans the next move to turn this nation around, one small business at a time.  There are select media people waiting to jump on the next exploding water heater story.  We may have to wait until the current firearms stories come to an end.  This could be a very long wait as the media can easily find things to exploit in the media.  But .... sooner or later there will be a water heater explosion and whether it is a matter of a child being burned by hot water from the kitchen sink or hot water issues from the failed water heater itself we just may be on the next steps of change in our nation.

Water heaters will be set to be no hotter than 140 degrees by sealed thermostats.  Adjustable thermostats on water heaters will be banned.  

Pre-ban water heaters will be required to be phased out by 2018.

Water heater capacity will be limited to 20 gallons.  Hot water can hurt, injure and in some cases kill.  Fact.  The more uncontrolled hot water the more potential damage.  Fact.

Water heater companies will increase production.  Fact.  Jobs will be created in the water heater industry.  Fact.

You may agree with me or not agree.  If you want to disagree I would like you to propose the argument why President Obama is not the firearms salesman of the year.  If he works things right in the next few years the water heater industry may also hold him in the highest esteem.

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  1. He may be, but not by design.Stringing hypotheses based on circumstantial information together may create a theory. It doesn't demonstrate one. The killings at Sandy Hook have been exploited by all parties, and sadly there is more heat than light on this issue. There are solutions that can reduce the level of gun violence in the US."Assault Weapon Bans","Armed Guards in schools" and similiar attempts to "rally the base" won't do.My hot water heater after 30 years did fail on Weds. Its replacement was a unit made in Taiwan. No new jobs. But, I can take longer showers.