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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy July for the LAPD - a lot of tension out there.

My condolences to the families and friends of the people below.

I am not asking to open any sort of debate here.  Some people may say that some of these folks were doing the wrong thing, involved in criminal activity or talk about their idea of justice.  Some may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  There are many reasons why these things happen.

Sometimes we need to look past the obvious and look at the survivors of some of these people.  The family members left behind as just one thought.  Some of these cases are revenge.  Some are individuals defending themselves on their own property.  Some of these deaths will go down in the books as legal actions and others will not be determined as legal. 

There may be thoughts of the right to bear arms, self defense, the pro and cons of gun ownership.  I am not looking to go down that path with this entry.  I am just trying to say that it is unfortunate that the people below are now dead and I feel pretty sure that their loss is painful to some people who are good people.  My condolences are to those good people and I wish them comfort.  I am not here to judge the reasons these things happen. 

July in review.  There is a lot of tension out there which is being made worse by current economic problems including the end of unemployment benefits for many people.   Be careful out there folks.

Gary Lacey II 19 7/31/10 Inglewood Gunshot
Martin Garcia 43 7/30/10 Palms Blunt force
Andre Mcpherson Jr. 20 7/29/10 Vermont-Slauson Gunshot
Cristina Williams 27 7/29/10 Leimert Park Gunshot
Mary Sternal 90 7/29/10 Marina del Rey Gunshot
Ladona Kelly 41 7/29/10 Vermont Vista Gunshot
Kurt Deutsch Jr. 30 7/28/10 East Los Angeles Gunshot
Shaquana Watson 23 7/27/10 South Park Gunshot
John Lavine 62 7/27/10 Westchester Gunshot
Byron Wilson Sr. 55 7/26/10 Long Beach Stabbing
Sergio Gamboa Padilla 24 7/23/10 Harbor City Gunshot
Julian Romero 25 7/23/10 Historic South-Central Gunshot
Esmeralda Guzman 1 7/22/10 Van Nuys Unspecified
Pedro Santa Cruz 40 7/21/10 Wilmington Gunshot
Trent Kelley 21 7/21/10 Downey Stabbing
Luis De Paz 20 7/20/10 Hyde Park Blunt force
Katsutoshi Takazato 21 7/20/10 Beverly Hills Stabbing
Rudolph Galaz II 42 7/19/10 Commerce Gunshot
Jody Heard 35 7/19/10 Downtown Gunshot
Jorge Villatoro 19 7/19/10 Pico-Union Gunshot
Marc Bayar 50 7/19/10 East Hollywood Gunshot
Gabriel Camaro 43 7/19/10 West Hollywood Gunshot
Roosevelt Brock 25 7/19/10 Long Beach Gunshot
Carl Washington 44 7/18/10 Carson Gunshot
Javier Sanchez 15 7/18/10 Inglewood Gunshot
Hong Nguyen 34 7/17/10 South El Monte Gunshot
Katwonne Stewart 19 7/17/10 Broadway-Manchester Gunshot
Luciano Reyes 35 7/16/10 Pacoima Gunshot
Vicente Chavez 46 7/15/10 Historic South-Central Gunshot
Steve Kelly 42 7/10/10 Watts Gunshot
Javier Rueda 28 7/10/10 Sun Valley Gunshot
Quesi Chavez 10 7/9/10 San Pedro Stabbing
Enjae Rugley 2 7/9/10 Northridge Gunshot
Elden Mignault 19 7/7/10 Watts Gunshot
Samuel James III 28 7/6/10 Vermont Knolls Gunshot
Chad Andrew 22 7/5/10 Vermont Square Gunshot
Raymond Benford 33 7/5/10 Compton Gunshot
Rayvonne Akers 17 7/5/10 Watts Gunshot
William Knight 33 7/5/10 Harbor Gateway Gunshot
Daisy Garcia 14 7/4/10 Pico-Union Gunshot
Henry Sanchez 22 7/4/10 Pacoima Gunshot
Darren Dunning 22 7/3/10 Chesterfield Square Gunshot
Aldwin Ezell 24 7/3/10 Lancaster Gunshot
Dwayne Nichols 37 7/1/10 Willowbrook Gunshot

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