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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
1935 Art Deco at some of its finest: No. 168 - Griffith Observatory- (click on the photo for information)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Place your trust and faith in the weather man

Can anybody really buy into any of this nonsense?.....
Home price rise better than forecast?  Yesterday there were a number of stories on how dismal the drop has been and how the next wave of foreclosures is on our door.  At then end of last week there were links to the bad week on the stock market. 

Heck, just look at the main title here with those all too common words ... surprise jump.  Looks to my eyes that the "economists" or just as clueless as the Department of Labor who keep being surprised by the mysterious increase in people out of work that they missed counting. 

The labor folks are wrong continually.  The flip flops and surprises come every few days as more folks loose their jobs, more folks lose their homes and the banks just hang onto their money.  Seems one of the stories above is on the profit level of banks.  It is my imagination, as the banks make more money do other folks have less money?  It has to come from somewhere for the banks?  The government some may say?  Perhaps that is a reason for one of the story headlines above.

Well, there is some good news here. 

As human beings we base our views and beliefs on many factors such as experience and life lessons we all learn along the way.  We develop what some people call "standards".  For some of us, our standards in belief in our economy, govenment, news media and other aspects of this country is failing.  The news media is more of a soft core reality show on television than informational.  Thankfully there are still some people that write for some newspapers that give a more accurate picture of what is going on in the world.   Here is a little clue on how you find the people who may report things a bit closer to the truth.  Look for the word editorial.

I digress.  I said there was some good news in the headlines.  Hurricane Earl is on its way to the USA.  No, the hurricane is not good news and hopefully the damage will be minimal.  The story here is that the U.S. Weather Service and NOAA have risen to new standards we can believe in.  Last week they said it was going to be hot and by God, it was freeking hot.  Over 110 in the west valleys.  When they said it would cool down it cooled down. 

So, if you want something you can count on, forget the media, the government, the economy, the educational system, the insurance companies, the banks, the .....    Place your trust and faith in the weather man.


  1. Myles, phrases like "Home price rise better than forecast?" are totally meaningless since it could be completely TRUE and still mean nothing good. For example, right now I'll forecast home prices to rise a negative 80%. So when they drop "only" 75% then I can be a PollyAnna and claim "home price rise is BETTER than forecast!" even though it's still shit.