While I understand your frustration and sympathize with your situation, 
we are unable to provide credits.  While a credit would certainly 
provide a temporary balm to soothe our tempers, in the long run, it 
won't address the root of the problem: the need for greater coverage and
capacity in our network.  Even a company as large as ours has a limit to
our resources and thus, we have to choose: a temporary fix, or a 
permanent solution.  We have chosen to focus our time and resources on 
improving the network knowing that doing so provide the kind our 
customers a more long-term benefit.  Again, I understand that it can be 
maddening when services aren't as we expect them to be, but please be 
assured, completion of our network upgrade efforts is one of our highest
imperatives, knowing our customers won't be completely satisfied until 
the work is done.

Case ID 48226731
Thank you,
Sprint Social Care Team

Original Message Follows:
Please issue me credit. 

You are not providing the service to lead people to expect to have. I 
will expect some sort of credit each month until these issues with no 
expected date of fix is resolved. 
I will continue to monitor their service.  Perhaps a fair lawyer might want to start a class action suit.  Seems like a slam dunk to me.  Customers being charged for a data plan (unlimited data promised at that in their ads in the media) where it can be documented there is no data service available at all.

Darryl from Sprint sent me another email.  I replied.  If and when there is something to report I will do so here.  I will be checking their service at the same location in the same timeframe later today.  Results will be sent to Sprint on twitter in real time as usual and also posted here later in the day.

You can have bars.  You can have 3G.  Does not mean you have bandwidth.

I'm on it Myles. What's your zip code and major cross streets? *PMC


I woke up this morning to this tweet.... The first section of this latest entry below may be useful to folks asking this question in the future, a question that has been answered countless times before.

*** Hey Sprint. If you asked where one of the main problems happen on a regular basis READ THIS: The area near Clark and Keystone in Burbank California. Do I have to draw you clowns a picture? Hmmm. On second thought .....

Thanks for the post. Sorry to see you got service issues. Is it possible for you to provide where you are? Zip & Cross st.-VPG

OK. They must be kidding, right?

We have all heard about the straw that broke the proverbial camels back? Well this great tweet reply from VPG for me was the incident that has to prove that I am on a magical and mystical voyage, a cruse through the world of inept service on a ship called Sprint Service, No, make that Carnival Inept.

Two thoughts come to mind.

Do you have 10,000 people assigned to social media (twitter) to reply to folks with problems? There are THAT many problems? Or, do you have a rationional number of bodies who are just inept, cannot keep track of users or problems, do not use computers to input any sort of data based on user name or are just plain incompetent.

In the future I will refer your service folks to this section of this piece.


This morning I received my latest reply from Sprint.

Thanks for the feedback. I would like to check your area. May I have your zip code and cross streets to better assist? -JOR

At first glance this just looks like the typical inept, over and over and over response from Sprint. But ... if one takes it in contest where I was asked for the same information yesterday, where I sent the info, the link to this page, and references, the reply from JOR is pathetically comical. It is quite OBVIOUS that their service people have no training or ability to do anything more than respond to any complaint with two questions; cross street and zip code.

So .... in reply to their dumbass response I will turn on "the switch" for a few minutes to distribute this blog piece across social media to others who have problems. My message is simple: 

Don't expect problem resolution from #Sprint. Please RT and share this link: 

This piece was created on 4/23/13.  It has now been read by 15,026 people.

A bit of an afternoon update....  I had "bars" and had 3G but .....

In regard to the no Internet connection available, this was in another location in Burbank. The corner of Magnolia and Beechwood.  Magnolia just might be the most busy street in Burbank with the most business.  If ANY area needs service it would be this area.  Yet, there was not even enough bandwidth to do anything via the Internet.  Unlimited data?  Yeah.  Right.  My twitter post is copied below:

No service even with bars and 3G on Magnolia & Beachwood in Burbank CA.


Just an update on service today ....


Just an update. Seems as if things may be getting worse rather than better. On twitter one of the @sprintcares folks sent me a message that a lot of tickets were closed over the weekend and things might be better. Nope.

June 1 2017

Everything you need is right here in the image above. Time, location... and more, Thank you for responding through this channel. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. That's not the way we want you to feel. Could you please let us know how long the issue has been happening? Is the issue impacting anyone else in your household or around you? What services are affected? Is it just data being affected? In order for us to check the coverage, please send us your ZIP code and the nearest cross streets to check the coverage. - KC KC ..... I've dealt with you before. Data and phone. The entire area. Look at the lat and lon. If you can't figure it out have a supervisor call me right now as you are worthless. This impacts any Sprint user. xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx Irvine CA 92612 United States You can't even make or receive phone calls. Generally 1x service at best. Myles Rose Even with moderate 3G service there is no bandwidth. 11m 7 minutes ago Sent Myles Rose I used a WG700 analyzer and your service is below poor on every level. 10m 5 minutes ago Sent Myles Rose No more BS from you KC. Have someone with technical expertise call me. I have dealt with you in the past. Surprised you are still there. 8m 4 minutes ago Sent

1705 PST - received. Thank you for the information provided. We reviewed the coverage and our network team has not yet notified us of any network issues in your area. We would like to take a look into this matter. We'll be contacting you shortly. We'd like to perform some troubleshooting steps for further assistance. - KC

Just have somebody go to the address and try to make a simple phone call around the area.

I will keep an eye out for your feedback.  If you need help you need to hire me as a consultant.  I have 20+ years of network engineering, management and dealings with MCI, ATT, and ten years at Infonet BT.  If you want me to assist you to do your job then pay me.
 Myles Rose

For now I will expect regular updates here which I will publish.

Sprint Care Thanks for taking our call. -DP 2m 30 seconds ago
Myles Rose Taking your call? You clowns. Somebody called me who did not speak English much, transferred me to an automated system that hung up on me. Moments later I got your thanks in a text message via twitter. Have somebody call me who is in the USA and can speak passable English. now Sent

Riddle .... How do you make a call using Sprint in Irvine California? Be connected to WiFi and use Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Apple FaceTime.

Still waiting for somebody from Sprint service who is not just a roadblock between a problem and a solution.

1800 PST June 1, 2017

We do apologize for your call being disconnected. We would like to insure that you would be contacted by an US agent as soon as possible. We would like you to know that it will take up to 24 - 48 hours for you to be contacted by a US agent. Will you like us to proceed with this process? -TR
3m 1 minute ago

 Myles Rose
 Yes, if you need me to help if this issue is beyond your technical expertise.  If not, just give me updates on when you expect to resolve this issue and ongoing status updates until this is resolved. I will wait for your progress or a request for my address so you can send me a PO for my consulting services.

June 2, 2017

0950 PST

Received a call from US Sprint, Phillip. He had no clue as to the issue, the problem, my complaint. I explained that this was my main issue with Sprint, customer service. Nobody gave him any information. I explained that this issue is fully documented with technical support data I have provided and told Phillip where he could find it. He said he would find the info and then have somebody call me back. Guess I now wait for a call back. Again.


Can Sprint get anymore inept? At this point it looks like they are actually working to finding ways to get worse. Just received the below voicemail when they tried to call me. The transcription is below. Hey Sprint .... call the number. It says it has been disconnected. Call me again and this time leave a direct contact number that works, as I requested last time.

Still waiting .... and waiting.... and waiting ....

4,961 reads of this piece in the last 24 hours as a side note.

Once again, I am making a formal request for a repeater or micro cell device for my son in Irvine so he can make and receive phone calls more than 25% of the time in his apartment, or even in the complex.  The device can me mailed to the address of the account on our plan in Burbank.  Please let me know when this will be done.  Side note, this is something ATT does when necessary.  In your case it is more than necessary.

,,,, and .... waiting .....

1620pst -

Just received this. This MUST be some sort of automated response to complaints. I cannot imagine people can be this inept or an organization have less efficient sharing of information.

Unbelievable. Continuing to wait for sanity but not expecting much. A garden lizard would have higher intellect. At this point Sprint must be joking.

6,961 reads of this piece in the last 24+ hours. 165,479 reads since the original post 4/23/13 that was updated yesterday 6/1/17 with this latest fiasco.

June 7, 2017

Today trying to use Sprint. Sent this to their Twitter social media folks @sprintcare and also sent in the ongoing DM stream. Mentioned that I had not heard from a USA rep as they had promised last week, it was supposed to be 24-48 hours.

I was later contacted, a few hours after my DM, by Sprint. Nice person. We may be moving toward a solution.

That's all for the moment.

June 20, 2017

Phase 1 of Jennifer D.'s solution failed AND no call back from her in over a week. I sent this email to her this morning.


I called you a week ago.  You were not available but I talked to somebody else and left her a detailed message to give to you.

The device does nothing.  There is no Sprint signal to amplify.  

Please reply to this with stage II of your solution.

I am very unhappy with your lack of response.  I thought we were on a path to resolution.  
At this point I will be expecting a bit more of typical Sprint service, even at the executive level.

Waiting .... again ....

1554pst 6/20/17 - Received a call from Jennifer.


48-72 Hours to open a ticket. At that point they start investigating things. I explained, again, that I sent diagnostic data that shows time, date, lat and long location, signal strength, bandwidth available, and more.

Jennifer queried if his phone was suspect. I said no, it is not his device. Device had been rebooted (iPhone7) and network settings updated, multiple times. I also explained that my phone also has problems in the area. My other son's phone has problems in the area. Everybody has problems within the 500+ unit complex. Data? Forget about it. Voice? Simple phone calls don't work more often than they do work. Sprint needs to install a tower or repeaters in the complex and also expand the network in Irvine. Hopefully this will happen over time, sooner than later.

Sprint reception in Irvine - I am not the only one with complaints about Irvine.

Side note ..... bars of signal strength have nothing to do with bandwidth data speed. In the case of Sprint in Irvine you may get "no service", 1x, 3G, LTE, depending on your line of sight to a tower. But.... even 4G LTE is no guarantee of bandwidth. If you are in the UC Irvine campus there is not enough bandwidth to support the college student attending the university. Hopefully Sprint is aware of this issue and has plans to address the issue.

June 22, 2017

Yes, I have issues with Sprint but they are mostly related to their customer service. A bit above I posted a link about Sprint service in Irvine. On one of my twitter posts, Verizon chimed in and said that I should DM them and switch my service to them. Well, if you look at the link above and look at all the carriers, you will find that Verizon is just as bad as anybody else, perhaps even worse than Sprint, and more costly to boot.

As a side note, the closest cell tower to the location where the problem is happening is closer to a Sprint cell tower than anybody else so Verizon would be even worse.

July 15, 2017

Still no solution, still no updates.


July 3,


I was just informed by xxxxxxx that there was a $30 activation fee on the current bill. 

1.  You never told me there would be any sort of fee or charge for the device. 

2.  The device did not work and I made you aware of that fact. 

3. My son is waiting for the next device as you promised as he still has no service. 

Please reply to this email and copy Natalie, telling her when this charge will be removed or credit issued. 


Myles Rose 

July 15, 2017


I just left a vm for Rob, Sprint tech, asking for an update on my son's Irvine problem. 

No new device has been received as promised by you that was supposed to replace the device that did not work.  I was also told the 2.5 device does not work with iPhone 7 phones which you knew was the phone in use as it was purchased through Sprint.

The tech has not followed through with my son. He calls my son when he is at work which I told him not to do MULTIPLE times.  When he calls at the house the call does not go through.  The tech needs to make contact with my son, face to face, as there is no phone service.

Whatever the tech did now causes wifi calls to drop as well at this point in time which was not the case prior to you folks making a very bad problem even worse.

This is getting very old.  You have made me many promises on the phone but so far they are nothing but empty promises.  I am requesting a written, step by step plan, with a schedule of action items.


July 15, 2017 1350

Jennifer D called me and told me that there is nothing she can do as her "team" has not given her any help.  She is escalating this to her supervisor Brandon.  I am currently on hold and have been for ten plus minutes.

More info as it becomes available.

On hold now for 15 minutes ..... 

They (Sprint) is setting up a conference call and will call be back after Brandon (not sure of the spelling) reviews the info.

1435 pst

I had a conversation with Brandon that has renewed a degree of hope regarding this issue.

I will update this piece as things change.

July 16, 2017

Sprint: We received your information and will connect you with a Chat Specialist soon
Andrew S.: Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Andrew S.. I am happy to help you today.
Andrew S.: I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll help find a solution for you as quickly as possible.
Andrew S.: May I please have your 6-10 digit numeric PIN or the answer to your security question so I can access your account?
You: xxxxxxxxxxx
You: Partial copy of the email I just sent to my rep.

You: I just received this email this morning. Looks like you need to send out another unit as with all the correspondence it seems that many details were overlooked.

Additional background info not in this chat dialogue:  The email I received was confirmation of shipping of the device to the wrong name at the wrong address due to incomplete address AND I was told this device had already been shipped almost two weeks ago, which was not the case.

First, this is an apartment complex with over 500 units. The apartment number, xxxxx, was omitted.

Second, my name, rather than the name xxxxxx xxxxxx (the one with the issue) is on the shipping info. Even if it finds it's way to the complex it is less likely to find a proper mailbox.

Please ship out another unit to the proper address:


Andrew S.: Since the order have the incorrect shipping name and address let me connect this chat with our level 2order support team and they will check the details and help you further please allow me few moents
Andrew S. has left the chat
You are being transferred, please hold...
Agent Alex Frost enters chat
You: There is no need to have me wait and explain again.
Alex Frost: Hello and thank you for contacting Sprint!
Alex Frost: Navigating away from may cause you to lose connection with the chat.
Alex Frost: One moment please while I review the conversation you had with the previous representative.
You: I was going to pull the link to the piece I am writing on you folks and your service.
Alex Frost: Thank you for your patience.
Alex Frost: I understand that an order was shipped to the wrong address , correct ?
You: Really? Yes, that seems very clear.
Alex Frost: Thank you for the confirmation .
You: Is that it?
Alex Frost: One moment as I research your account.
You: I am going to bring up another tab so I can copy the link on these issues.
Alex Frost: May I ask how you placed the order ?
You: That will be in the link. Please wait a moment.
Alex Frost: Alright.
You: Scroll to the bottom of the link.
Alex Frost: I'm afraid I am not allowed to access that link due to security reasons . Can you please provide with the information ?
You: You have the order number. Trace it yourself.
You: This dialogue will be copied into the audit trail.
Alex Frost: I understand.
You: I guess there is nothing more to say. Is there anything you wish to say that is of help rather than asking me questions that have been asked and answered a hundred times before?
Alex Frost: Can you please confirm with me the shipping address of the WiFi device ?
You: Are you asking for the PROPER address or the one you used, which is already in this chat (proper) and in the order (incorrect) ?
You: Again the order is - xxxx-x-xxxxxxxx
Alex Frost: The correct address where this order should be shipped, since I understand, based on the previous conversation I am able to see above that the unit number was missing , and that the name was incorrect .
You: You do realize that I supplied the proper address in this chat?
Alex Frost: I would need to have you confirm the address with me one more time . My apologies for the inconvenience .
You: xxxxxxxx
Alex Frost: Thank you.
Alex Frost: We will escalate with ups once a tracking number is created and correct the address . Is there anything else you would like me to assist you with ?
You: No. A copy of this chat will be recorded and sent to the proper folks.
Alex Frost: I understand.
Alex Frost: I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience , and I can assure you that it was just a misunderstanding .
You: Copy the link I sent. Try it somewhere else. You will see it is much, MUCH more than a misunderstanding. It is people dropping the ball, lack of inter company communication, people who do not pay attention to their work, and much more.
Alex Frost: Again .I'm sorry you had troubles with your service and Sprint recently . I can assure you we are doing our best to deliver best customer experience .
You: Again, read the contents of the piece in the link. You will find, with no material to dispute, that you are failing in a very serious manner.
Alex Frost: I understand.
You: I guess we are done.
Alex Frost: For now yes, only if there is anything you would like me to help you out with ?
You: No.

Well, let's see how this progresses in the days ... weeks .... months .... ahead.

July 17, 2017

I received another email from Sprint this morning.  Seems that the unit is on it's way, two day shipment, to the wrong address.  So.... in the tracking info (where it would not let me change or update the address), I jumped on the chat window and had another round with the folks at Sprint ;)

Sprint: May I assist you with identifying the status of your order?
You: You shipped to the wrong address
Jolene Gray: Hello and thank you for contacting Sprint!
Jolene Gray: Navigating away from may cause you to lose connection with the chat.
Jolene Gray: I would be happy to check on the situation for you.
Jolene Gray: In order to better assist you, I will need to ask you a few questions.
You: I went over this with you folks yesterday IN DEPTH
Jolene Gray: May I please have your first and last name as well as your Sprint order number so that I may locate your information?
You: xxxxxx-O-xxxxxxxxx
You: I am not going through all the same BS today.
Jolene Gray: I am really sorry that happened, I'm sure we can have this solved for you as soon as possible.
Jolene Gray: May I please have your first and last name as well as your Sprint mobile number so that I may locate your information?
You: That was supplied countless times yesterday.
You: Look up the order number. Look up the chat from yesterday. If you cannot do that we are done and that will be noted.
Jolene Gray: I do understand however I am not able to access your account without that information.
Jolene Gray: May I have your first and last name please?
You: My name is xxxxxxxx
You: Account holder is xxxxxxxxx
Jolene Gray: Very nice to meet you!
You: Person with the problem is xxxxxxxxx
Jolene Gray: I understand.
You: You have about three more questions and then we are done.
Jolene Gray: Thank you for your patience.
Jolene Gray: I was able to locate your order. Before we continue, I will need to authenticate your account. The following questions are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your account.
You: My patience is gone
Jolene Gray: May I please have your 6-10 digit Sprint account PIN or security answer?
You: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jolene Gray: Thank you. One moment please.
You: Two more questions
Jolene Gray: May I please have the correct shipping address where you would like the Airave to be shipped?
You: Is this an Airave 2.5?
You: If so, that version does not work with iPhone 7 and this has been noted.
Jolene Gray: I understand.
Jolene Gray: Since the order was placed by my colleagues from the customer care department, I 'm afraid that we do not have many details available regarding the order.
You: Find out.
You: (name and correct address supplied)
Jolene Gray: Thank you very much!
You: This has been an ongoing problem that is being ISO 9000 documented to track your service.
You: I just received my second update that the unit was shipped to the wrong address.
Jolene Gray: There is no need to worry about at this point.
You: Yesterday on chat I was told that the shipper would be contacted and this would be resolved.
Jolene Gray: I can send a request for the shipping address to be updated with UPS.
You: I was told that would have already been done.
Jolene Gray: Please hold as I look up that information. Thank you for waiting.
You: I will be on another page so please wait a moment if I do not respond quickly.
Jolene Gray: You have nothing to worry about at this point.
You: If you look at past history I have LOTS to worry about and NO reason for ANY confidence in Sprint service.
Jolene Gray: I was able to see here that my colleague created a follow up on your request , however since I do have access to the necessary tools to request the change of address now, I am going to do it right away.
Jolene Gray: I am very sorry that you feel this way.
Jolene Gray: I understand you are upset and I can assure you that our interest is to resolve your issue.
You: Copy the link above and look at it when you have time. It will all then be very clear.
Jolene Gray: I will do that . Thank you!
You: Your interest has little impact. Your results speak volumes.
You: So far there is nothing to read in those volumes.
Jolene Gray: I can assure you that I will do my best to have this matter regarding the address solved .
You: So, at this point I guess I just wait for the next bit of bad news and we are done here?
Jolene Gray: I have submitted the request on your behalf.
Jolene Gray: You can check your order status at Once your order ships, your tracking information will be available here and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
You: That is where I found out it was still routed to the wrong address.
Jolene Gray: You will be able to see on that the minor change of shipping address was requested and implemented.
You: I will keep my eye out and be speaking with my executive rep tomorrow. This will also be documented.
Jolene Gray: I understand.
Jolene Gray: Excellent!
Jolene Gray: Would you like help with anything else today?
You: No. You have already done little more than waste my time and illustrate that Sprint service is nothing more than a roadblock on the road between a problem and the solution.
Jolene Gray: I see.
Jolene Gray: I am really sorry that you feel this way.
You: Go read the info in the link documenting your service which I sent. You may feel that way about your company too.
Jolene Gray: I am never going to feel that way about the company that I work for, however I will read the information in the link jsut because I respect the opinion of our customers.
Jolene Gray: just*
You: OK. Well I guess we are done.
Jolene Gray: Thank you for choosing Sprint.
Jolene Gray: My name is Jolene Gray and it has been a pleasure assisting you. Have a great day.
You: Good bye

July 20, 2017

WiFi device arrived.  Will be testing over the next week.

July 21 2017

I received a voice this morning from somebody at Sprint.  They informed me that they were closing the two open tickets regarding my son's lack of service in Irvine as it is their policy to close all open tickets if they cannot reach the number after a specific number of days.

These folks are kidding?  Nope.  Problem is, my son's service does not work in Irvine, so a ticket is opened.  They try to call him after doing nothing (the assigned tech Rob did not email him as I requested as his phone does not work and never kept me informed as to the status of the problem), and then close the tickets.

After trying to call the tech support number they supplied, and being sent around the proverbial planet via voice response, and not getting any help at all, I hung up.

So folks .... open a new ticket.  Send me the opening, closing, and reasons for closing the first two tickets in writing in an email so I can continue to document this pathetic customer service.

.... to be continued ....

Side note worth noting:

On July 15, 2017, my issue was escalated to Brandon Donnell, Customer Relationship Manager 1.

Brandon has kept in contact, responded within hours when I had a question during his normal work schedule (which he informed me of at the start of our relationship), and has been very proficient and professional on every level.  He has made things happen and this is the first time that I feel that progress in problem resolution is possible.  There may be hope for Sprint customer service yet if they put folks like Brandon in charge.  

July 25, 2017

Well.... no progress and more inept actions by Rob, the local Irvine Sprint tech.  Not much faith he can fix anything as he cannot even seem to connect with the customer.  

Today he had an appointment with my son.  Well, that didn't happen.  Seems Rob's PC is set to CST so he tried to call my son at 5:00pm, when he was at work (which has been explained to Rob over and over).  The appointment was supposed to be at 7:00pst.  

Below is the text conversation I had with my son.  I also sent this in an email to Brandon, the manager handling this issue.  Hopefully he will begin to see how inept this tech is and his lack of customer skills.  Side note .... I tried to call Rob again a few minutes ago (about 1800pst) and he did not answer.

I guess we are back to "wait and see but expect nothing".  

Updates as they become available.

18:40 PST

I just got off the phone with Brandon which I would call a successful call.  It seems there was a misunderstanding and "Rob" is indeed in the Central Time Zone.  Perhaps he did not grasp that my son is in PST.  I had talked to a "Rob" in the past who told me he would arrange to meet my son and take measurements at his home.  Perhaps this is another "Rob"?  At this point it is too convoluted to try to track.

So.... Brandon will get me an update and it may just be a wait until the network is brought up to acceptable standards which is a problem all over Irvine.  If you think that switching to Verizon will help don't be fooled, they have less coverage (look at tower maps) in the area of UC Irvine than Sprint.  As far as complaints .... ATT and Verizon have just as many.  

At this point it's a waiting game but as there are updates I will note them.

Brandon has been responsive in a very big way and his service has been a cut above folks I have had issues with in the past, the folks at ATT, which some reading this piece might know.  

Thanks one more time to Brandon at Sprint.  A beacon in total darkness.  I will hope for a change in that area.  

06 Jan 2018

I purchased a new phone at Sprint.  The cost was over two times of similar phones in the past.  I was given "discounts", that is, credits that could only be used in the store on that visit for stuff I really did not want.  I was told I HAD to purchase insurance but after 30 days I could come back into the store and cancel the insurance.  The account holder was then billed for three months of insurance.  The store told me they could not stop the insurance, I had to contact Sprint.  It took multiple calls and headaches to finally resolve this issue.  

21 March 2018

A week or so ago, my account holder received a message from Sprint offering a "free" device.  I told her to refuse the offer.  Nothing from Sprint is ever free.  There are activation charges and fees, hidden fees, and it just opens a nightmare.

These devices send some of your "Sprint" usage over your Internet service provider.  It frees up some of Sprint's bandwidth but also increases the usage over your ISP's service you pay for.  It's a classic bit of misinformation to the customer, a cheat, a lie.

So, she refused the offer, but was contacted over and over as can be seen below.   She was told it was cancelled, by multiple folks.  Yet, the box showed up.  I told them it was unsolicited and by law anything that was sent unsolicited was free, but to be safe, do not accept the delivery.

After multiple calls and hours on the phone with multiple people, this was finally resolved.... hopefully.  Looks like Sprint is back to it's unprofessional and damaging antics.  

The account holder wanted to let this go.  I am on the account, and I did not want to let it go. Sprint Customer Service is a proverbial speed bump in the road to problem resolution.  I would also like to speak to somebody (and have a call in to Sprint) in regard to the technical aspects of this device.

Below is some of the correspondence.  In the notes you may be able to make out a confirmation number of a recording that Sprint gave the account holder for reference.  There were multiple calls required.  There was at least 40 minutes spent on the phone.

This was after the order was refused and NO "send it my way" was activated in the prior message.
..... and ... still no way to stop things .....
Multiple calls, and confirmation this was stopped.  Pathetic. 

22 March 2018

12:20pm pst

I just got off the phone with Karen from Sprint Executive Offices.  She called me.  I explained the situation .... again.  She had not read the documented audit trail of this issue.

I explained the time wasted.  The lies and broken promises.  She assured me she would resolve things .... but .... she could not call the account holder, the account holder had to call her.  More phone calls and broken promises?  I passed on Karen's contact information to the account holder.  Karen assured me (well, she told me, she did not assure me of anything to me more accurate), that she was at a high enough level that she could make this right for the account holder.  I await the next step.  

23 March 2018

OK people.  You probably saw this coming.  Karen resolved the issue and this is where I would normally thank Karen, or folks like her for resolving a problem.  Well, thanks Karen, but .... to Sprint management .... Your company is poorly run, there is no internal communication, social media help folks (SprintCare) have absolutely NO authority to do anything other than ask the customer to take additional steps to escalate the issue.  Heck, when they do tell the customer to call somebody else they don't even pass on any information details of the problem.  

Sprint .... if you want to increase profits, get rid of all your social media folks.  You already have a reputation of revolting customer service and these social media folks do little more than piss people off.  Look at the complaints on Twitter if you doubt me.

As somebody who was ISO 9000 certified in customer service and technical development / engineering, in YOUR industry, here is a suggestion.  Publish a toll free number a customer can call for help.  When it is answered, have the customer give their name and phone number for a callback when somebody can talk to them.  It's that simple.  Even if this took a few days it would not be nearly as offensive and harmful as multiple interactions with people who make promises which are not delivered upon and telling people things have been done or will be done which never happen.  

Bottom line.  Reprogram one of those robo response units that initially tell the customer to DM with their contact info and account info, to instead call 1-877-xxx-xxxx so the customer can leave their number in an actual help queue of folks who can resolve the issue rather than ask them to call somebody else or pass them on without passing on any information.

Look at some of the other corporations and companies with pieces on them in this Blog.  ATT has improved.  Other folks have improved.  They have made changes.  You folks are just as poor with each new issue.  Perhaps my procuring stock in ATT so I could attend shareholder meetings and voice publicly my thoughts on failure of management and ask questions for the record directly was a minor factor in ATT improvement?  Perhaps not. Perhaps I will look into becoming an owner of you folks as well.  This has gone on long enough.  The reason many major institutions are failing in America is nobody takes responsibility and spends more time and effort coming up with reasons why things cannot be changed easily.  Well Sprint .... look above a few paragraphs and read again what I suggest you do to change and improve things at less cost with less customer damage.

..... update ....

See you folks at the next shareholder's meeting if I don't vote on proxy material first.  Being retired allows me to travel to these annual shareholder meetings, make public statements, and hand out materials such as this and supply links to this blog piece.  

Seems I am not the only one unhappy with Sprint Corporation performance.

14 September 2018
Here we go again.  Yesterday I contacted Sprint on an issue that keeps coming back, over and over.  This morning I received a call from Shari in the Dallas Sprint executive offices.  I had to explain everything again, she was not able to resolve anything, I asked for her to escalate this issue to her management.

Prior communication since yesterday:

Me to Sprint - The head of my account, xxxxxxxxx received an email stating a package was mailed to her to return something. She has nothing to return. She knew nothing about this. Once again you folks don’t have a handle on things. A chat today 9/13 “resolved” the issue. She was told to ignore the email. This “resolution” changes nothing and lets the problem fall through the cracks. As a shareholder of Sprint I am requesting a credit be applied to her account as there will be escalation, attention, and explanation to issue the credit. Please supply explanation on when this will be done, a direct contact name and their direct contact number. Thank you, Myles Rose, Sprint shareholder

Sprint to me - We definitely want to figure out what's going on! We’re with team and here to help. Please DM the best number and time to contact you and address your concerns.

  1. Thank you for that information, we will have an analyst reach out to you tomorrow.
  2. I don’t want to explain this all again. Read the earlier DM. Pass it along to anybody who contacts me. I will be reporting the procedures you follow.

  3. I will update when there are updates.

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