While I understand your frustration and sympathize with your situation, 
we are unable to provide credits.  While a credit would certainly 
provide a temporary balm to soothe our tempers, in the long run, it 
won't address the root of the problem: the need for greater coverage and
capacity in our network.  Even a company as large as ours has a limit to
our resources and thus, we have to choose: a temporary fix, or a 
permanent solution.  We have chosen to focus our time and resources on 
improving the network knowing that doing so provide the kind our 
customers a more long-term benefit.  Again, I understand that it can be 
maddening when services aren't as we expect them to be, but please be 
assured, completion of our network upgrade efforts is one of our highest
imperatives, knowing our customers won't be completely satisfied until 
the work is done.

Case ID 48226731
Thank you,
Sprint Social Care Team

Original Message Follows:
Please issue me credit. 

You are not providing the service to lead people to expect to have. I 
will expect some sort of credit each month until these issues with no 
expected date of fix is resolved. 
I will continue to monitor their service.  Perhaps a fair lawyer might want to start a class action suit.  Seems like a slam dunk to me.  Customers being charged for a data plan (unlimited data promised at that in their ads in the media) where it can be documented there is no data service available at all.

Darryl from Sprint sent me another email.  I replied.  If and when there is something to report I will do so here.  I will be checking their service at the same location in the same timeframe later today.  Results will be sent to Sprint on twitter in real time as usual and also posted here later in the day.

You can have bars.  You can have 3G.  Does not mean you have bandwidth.

I'm on it Myles. What's your zip code and major cross streets? *PMC


I woke up this morning to this tweet.... The first section of this latest entry below may be useful to folks asking this question in the future, a question that has been answered countless times before.

*** Hey Sprint. If you asked where one of the main problems happen on a regular basis READ THIS: The area near Clark and Keystone in Burbank California. Do I have to draw you clowns a picture? Hmmm. On second thought .....

Thanks for the post. Sorry to see you got service issues. Is it possible for you to provide where you are? Zip & Cross st.-VPG

OK. They must be kidding, right?

We have all heard about the straw that broke the proverbial camels back? Well this great tweet reply from VPG for me was the incident that has to prove that I am on a magical and mystical voyage, a cruse through the world of inept service on a ship called Sprint Service, No, make that Carnival Inept.

Two thoughts come to mind.

Do you have 10,000 people assigned to social media (twitter) to reply to folks with problems? There are THAT many problems? Or, do you have a rationional number of bodies who are just inept, cannot keep track of users or problems, do not use computers to input any sort of data based on user name or are just plain incompetent.

In the future I will refer your service folks to this section of this piece.


This morning I received my latest reply from Sprint.

Thanks for the feedback. I would like to check your area. May I have your zip code and cross streets to better assist? -JOR

At first glance this just looks like the typical inept, over and over and over response from Sprint. But ... if one takes it in contest where I was asked for the same information yesterday, where I sent the info, the link to this page, and references, the reply from JOR is pathetically comical. It is quite OBVIOUS that their service people have no training or ability to do anything more than respond to any complaint with two questions; cross street and zip code.

So .... in reply to their dumbass response I will turn on "the switch" for a few minutes to distribute this blog piece across social media to others who have problems. My message is simple: 

Don't expect problem resolution from #Sprint. Please RT and share this link: 

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A bit of an afternoon update....  I had "bars" and had 3G but .....

In regard to the no Internet connection available, this was in another location in Burbank. The corner of Magnolia and Beechwood.  Magnolia just might be the most busy street in Burbank with the most business.  If ANY area needs service it would be this area.  Yet, there was not even enough bandwidth to do anything via the Internet.  Unlimited data?  Yeah.  Right.  My twitter post is copied below:

No service even with bars and 3G on Magnolia & Beachwood in Burbank CA.


Just an update on service today ....


Just an update. Seems as if things may be getting worse rather than better. On twitter one of the @sprintcares folks sent me a message that a lot of tickets were closed over the weekend and things might be better. Nope.