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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vacuum Tube Series - 5751 Tung Sol, RCA, GE

Vacuum Tube Series

I updated this to add the link to the RCA version as a second data sheet set.

This will be a continuing series on vacuum tubes and amplifiers.

Some folks do not realize that the 5751 vacuum tube produced today is little more than a 12AX7 that did not make the grade as a 12AX7. .....

The 5751 of the past was intended for rugged use in place of a 12AX7.  It was designed for use as a phase inverter (meaning the two sides of the tube were intended to be closely matched).  It is a great tone generator in any amplifier that uses a 12AX7 in a tone/gain stage where a touch less gain is desired or if one wishes to alter the ratio of front end to back end (output section) distortion.  You will generally obtain a bit more clean headroom over the use of a 12AX7.

Not a lot of physical microphonic issues with NOS versions of these tubes to say the least.  This cannot be said of new production versions.

The 5751 was a tube used by Stevie Ray Vaughn in the front end of some of his Fender amplifiers.

The link to the Tung Sol datasheet

The RCA version datasheet

The General Electric 5751 datasheet

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  1. I thought the 5751 would result in less headroom than a 12AX7 tube because the former has lower gain. It takes less to push the tube to distort. I am not a tube person but this is what I was taught/told.

    Thanks for posting the topic.

  2. You have more headroom because the front end is driven to distortion later. The ratio of front end to back end distortion has changed.

  3. http://www.guitaramplifierblueprinting.com/Tube/5751WA.pdf

    On the SRV questions, Fender has produced an amp for years that was pattered after one of his amps along with the lower gain mod in the front end.

    Lots of info on the net and on my GAB website.