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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Republican Tea Party Debate

Last night I recorded the debate.  I have reviewed the debate.  I will now boil it down for folks using my political expertise and keen powers of observation and insight.

The woman on the left did not answer a single question.  All she would do is go on and on and on about a vaccine that she said was forced onto 12 year old girls.

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The two guys on the right both wore red ties.  The argued with each other over most every word or thought that each of them expressed.  They both spent more time on the past or comparing one state to another and which was better.  They talked about many other things but with all the pointing of fingers I did not retain much of anything else they said other than how one state was better than another state and how the United States is not the same as one state.  The fellow on the far right is from Texas.  I heard that he prayed for rain a little while ago as relief from the drought and heat wave.  Shortly after his prayers the state of Texas burst into flames with fires everywhere.  OK, maybe I am not a deeply religious man and missed something.

I think the two people on the left make a cute couple.  I see people that look like them often sitting in trendy restaurants where the food is often overpriced and the portions are small coupled with poor service.  Sort of reminds me of our government and what many of these folks were complaining about in this debate.

In any event, if the two of them had kids they would probably be cute kids.

None of these people seemed to grasp that the problems America is having did not happen overnight.  They all seemed to blame the current President for everything bad that is happening and seem to infer that everything before was terrific.  I guess I never realized that the current President was a magic man as the turned a country of gold into dirt in the blink of an eye, and he increased the value of gold at the same time.

Whenever people use absolutes all the time such as never and always I distrust them a little.  When people blame others for everything that has happened that is not good and take no responsibility I distrust them even more.

Other than the fellow three spots from the right in the below shot which made more sense to me than anybody else I was not impressed.  Amused at times but not impressed.

I lost track a little as one of the candidates talked about the three states which have borders to patrol to stop illegal immigration.  I guess Canada was dismissed.  Even without Canada I still counted Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.  Four states.  I may be wrong, but I think it may have been the fellow from Utah that was worried about folks coming across the border of the three states that share a border with Mexico.  I think he meant Mexico.

Illegal aliens come from Mexico and Terrorists cross the border from Canada?  Maybe the talk about border patrol needs to include Canada?  Sorry, I digress.

The second fellow from the left talked a lot about his pizza business and brought that up at every chance.  It was almost a subliminal message.  I considered pizza today for lunch but could not recall his brand.

The fellow all the way on the right in the picture.  Did not wear a red power tie.  Whatever he said did not stick in my mind.  He was not exactly what I would call unforgettable.  

The older white haired fellow two from the far right in the photo.  Just struck me as another politician, business as usual.  Seemed to take a lot of credit for some aspects of the past and say he had nothing much to do about problems of the past.  If he was Speaker of the House in the past I guess that did not impress me much because I look at the Speaker of the House today and recall a little while ago when the country needed a united front and the current Speaker of the House did everything but help to solve issues rather than create new problems.

The fellow third from the right in the photo.  Well, he did not wear a red power tie and his tie had less tones of red or blue than the other folks.  I get confused with all the people in the running from Texas. I hear that this fellow has some interesting views. Perhaps that is true.  I don't have all the facts.  

But ... looking at what happened last night, he is was the only one that made  sense to me.  He answered the questions.  He did not dwell on how he had nothing to do with the current state of things.  Bottom line - he made more sense to me than anybody else up there and seemed to have less of a personal agenda.  OK, I guess I should admit that he was also the MOST OPPOSITE of that whack job lady in the red jacket and that alone made points with me.

I wish Wolf Blitzer would have acted a bit more like a moderator.  When folks went off tangent (which was almost ALL the time) he would not stop them and ask them to answer the question.

The folks in the audience asked questions that have been asked countless times and would take hours to address.  As soon as the question was asked I knew an answer would not be coming.  I was right 100% of the time.  A hint to folks picked to ask questions for the next debate:  As something like "did you get your hair cut the day before this broadcast" or "what kind of car do you drive" or what did you eat today for lunch" ?   Interesting tidbits that would actually tell us much more about the person as an individual which is what Wolf Blitzer promised at the opening of the broadcast.

So, there you have it, from an American who is a registered Democrat with no faith in any part of our government regardless of political affiliation, an individual whose unemployment benefits ran out a long time ago and who counts the number of homeless people and families on the streets of Los Angeles increase each month since August 2008.

How will I vote in the next election?  I am open to suggestions at this point.

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  1. Interesting commentary Myles. I don't know if you meant it to be humorous, but I snickered a few times.
    I heard today that there are more poor people in the US than at any time since they have started keeping track of that statistic with the 40's census. I am curious what this group of politicians think should/could be done to change that number for the better.

  2. This was written with humor indeed. Unfortunately if you don't take a moment to laugh as some parts of what is going on the depression might kill you.

  3. While I was not able to watch this debate, did see some of the "formal" reviews on tv. Myles your perspective is always appreciated. My 2 cents, the world runs on money and power. To get elected you need a lot of money and backing by those with power. At least that is the way it was framed by our founders. A check and balance as they intended. A concern I have is when the overbearing power emanates from the government, as well as financial control. Without the balance of private financial strength and power, the focus of power and wealth in government, we sentence ourselves to the fate of so many of our ancestors. The view from your knees is nothing but aholes. On the other hand the view when you are standing on your own two feet as a peer with government is very different. Looking into a man or woman's eyes will tell you much more than sound bites and new york marketing spin. The way to fix this country is just as our framers envisioned it, a system of checks and balance of power. Dictators will come and go, the responsibility to preserve the checks and balances is a daily task. It is interactive, it requires debate and the exchange of ideas. I was never good at being told how to think. Makes me think what they are proposing will not stand on its own merit. Hurry up do this, quick we have to act now, seems to me that has a lot to do with how we got into this mess. Snake oil salesmen have been peddling the act now or doom will happen since the beginning of time. And a lot of folks keep buying the snake oil. I think it is fair to say, we have a great selection of snake oil to purchase these days. Folks say we are a product of our environment, I disagree with them. I think everyone lives in an environment, we make choices, some good, some bad, our future is based on what we plan for, if we plan for destruction, we will have destruction. If we plan for a system of checks and balances and reach for the stars, f em, let em fight over their dirt, they have done it since the beginning of time and will continue too. We have chosen a path very different than the snake oil path. Course when they see us prosper, they will quickly change the snake oil pitch to try again. Somewhere I remember a story about happy people and an apple... Yea right, we are the first generation facing these challenges. Time will tell how well we navigate through these waters. It requires constant attention to preserve the balance of checks and balances. What one of these folks will follow what path, I do not know, pretty easy to spot the snake oil vs the keeper of the checks and balances. Me, I prefer looking into people eye’s, the view is better. TRS