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Los Angeles Architectural History
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sale price my butt ....

In the past I used the products from these folks.  Last time I was given one price on the phone when the order was placed when I was told the amount my credit card would be charged.  A few days later the charge came which was higher than the amount I was told would be charged.  In four orders this was the first time this happened.  I was always charged the posted price.

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Those F2 Legend 12ga 1 1/8oz 7.5 Shot at $94.45 were what I ordered from Dave.  Dave told me I would be charged $94.45.  I was charged $107.95.  The first column is their normal price and the second column is their sale price.

When I called about the overcharge my call was sent to Dave but I got voicemail.  I called back and told the gal that I wanted to speak to somebody and she told me that the $12.95 was shipping and handling.  I explained that they advertise no shipping on case lots.  She said I would have to call back.  When I called back I was told that shipping was indeed free but in the last six month they implemented a handling fee.  I told Dave there was no mention of this, nothing in their literature about this and that HE had told me the price was $94.45.  At this point his boss John must have overheard the phone conversation and took the call and in multiple following calls made promises of a refund, even though he insisted he was right and they had made no mistake.  He would refund the charge as a courtesy.  Courtesy my ass John. 

The antics continue.  Some of my written correspondence and some of theirs in addition to more than a half a dozen phone calls. 

Myles to Baschieri Pellagri
December 18, 2013 

You folks over charged me. I was told my price would be $94.45 yet you charged my card $107.40. You charged me shipping which you clearly state is not charged on case lots. You have not charged me shipping in the past. I tried to call and there was nobody available to take my call. As a side note my shipment is lost. So at this point, I am overcharged and my shipment is lost.

I think it is going to be the end of our business relationship unless I hear back from you folks shortly. I left my phone number with your receptionist who is the one who added shipping to my order.


Myles Rose to Baschieri Pellagri
December 25, 2013 

You told me I would be credited for the overcharge. There has been no credit issued. You are swift to charge when an order is placed with you folks but rectifying problems does not seem to be a strong suit.

It is a bit sad that although I liked your products and have bought them in the past, even though they were more expensive than anybody else's shells, you have lost me as a customer due to bad customer service even after you told me you would resolve my issue.


Myles to Baschieri Pellagri

Dear Myles,

Dave told me that your case of shells was located in transit and you will be receiving them shortly. I was also told that in the next few days, as a courtesy, your account will be credited the $12.95.

Now, I empathize with the stresses of your business and your charitable work. However, from beginning to the end the interrogation, demands, and stress you laid off on Dave were totally disproportionate to the circumstances. If you don’t relax and begin placing this sort of thing into its proper perspective you are going to drive yourself to an early grave. Those you help with your charitable work can’t afford to lose you. We all can’t afford to lose a good guy.

Wishing you the very best of the holiday season and a happy new year.



John W. Rymark
Head of Regulatory & Quality Affairs

Update .... at this point nothing has been done. It will also take more than a $12.95 refund to make things right at this point after all of your bad service, run arounds, and failed customer service.  

I have had issues with other companies in regard to their customer service.  When they have turned things around and rectified things I have added that information to the blog piece.  Even huge firms like ATT have made great leaps in customer service as a side note.  You folks are now part of a list called "consumer". Other folks on this list have resolved things.  It will be interesting to see what happens in your case.  The link to the list is - http://la-economy.blogspot.com/search/label/consumer 

Your product are the most expensive shotshells in the industry. Even with the discount they are 30%+ higher than many other brands. I am learning that these other brands work just as well for me and in fact, Winchester "white box" as sold from Wal Mart to anywhere leave less wad residue in my chokes. When you sell the most expensive product in an industry the only hope of having folks look at you, and stay with you (this was my 4th order of case lots) is customer service. Dave failed miserably. You stepped in more than once and failed as well. You made a promise you did not keep and in my book, whether we see eye to eye or not, is a lie.

1/15/14 Update - No resolution, no refund as promised.

The first light and easy post to social media - Instagram.

As of 12:19pst 4,031 folks have read this blog piece and that was prior to the Instagram post.

1/21/14 update
I just got off the phone with Dave and asked why my promised refund has not arrived.  He said there is nothing he can do, it has been turned over to Amy in the accounting department but she just had a baby so may not reply.  Big company customer service?  I don't think so.

In any case, he took my number and said she would call me.  I will count the days ;)

8,541 folks have read this piece wince it was posted on 1/9/14.

1/23/14 update
Still no credit as promised.  Still no call as promised.  But ... I did make an Instagram post today ;)
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1/23/14 close of business.  Kaltron sent my refund.  After all the calls, time and trouble with them I would have expected a bit more but I heard they are going bankrupt and a company called Aerostar Outdoors will be the new B&P distributor in the USA.  I find the bankruptcy of Kaltron not much of a shock considering how long it took them to resolve such a simple issue.

- end -

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