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Los Angeles Architectural History
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The latest customer service failure - Metro L.A?

I have a disabled TAP card on the Los Angeles Metro system.  My third card expired on 8/31/2011.  On 8/4/2011 I went directly to the Los Angeles Metro headquarters in downtown Los Angeles to renew my card.

I kept waiting for my card to arrive.  As of yesterday it had still not arrived.

I went on to the L.A. Metro website and followed directions for help.  As a side note, they had an option for online chat help but it was down.  This should have been my first tip off.

I wrote up my issue on their web form and was contacted by customer relations.

The following dialog has made me feel as if Los Angeles Metro is now giving ATT a run for the money?  Perhaps they are going to drag customer service down to a low level?

I will update this blog as things move along.  The current state of the situation is unresolved.

From: Customer Relations <CustomerRelations@metro.net>
Subject: FW: Comment #: 3904
Date: Monday, September 26, 2011, 12:53 PM

You will need to speak to our Reduced Fare staff regarding this matter.  Regrettably, we do not have access to their secured database.  Their number is 213-680-0054.  We can tell you the volume of applications received are taking 20-30 business days for processing.  

Metro Customer Relations
Karen Kern

Passenger Name:  Myles Rose
Incident Date:8/4/2011 Incident Time:12:00 PM

What Happened:8/4 applied at Metro Center for TAP card (renewing). New card has not arrived yet. How much longer?

Photo and all documentation was submitted on 8/4 directly to Metro L.A. office in downtown Los Angeles.

This was a renewal of my disabled TAP card.


Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 8:28 AM
To: Customer Relations
Subject: Re: FW: Comment #: 3904

Karen Kern,

I called the number you gave me, it is continually busy.

I find this sort of service deplorable.  I have a very strong following on my blog I am thinking of writing about this.  Over 50,000 folks follow my AT&T pieces.  One of them is at http://la-economy.blogspot.com/2010/11/at-so-wrong-is-every-way.html 

The number on my receipt is 253008 dated Aug. 4 2011 LACMTA Unit 86

The address my card should have been mailed to is

Myles Rose

The temp card I was given at the time had an expiration date of 8/31/2011, the SAME date as my TAP card which was being renewed.

I wish this to be resolved than for me to take another trip downtown and have another photo taken AND wait again.

You have all the information that is available.  Since I cannot get through to anybody at the number you supplied I will request you to follow through on this matter.


From: Customer Relations <CustomerRelations@metro.net>
Subject: RE: FW: Comment #: 3904
To: Myles Rose
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 8:39 AM

We regret you were not able to get through to staff.  I'll forward your information to them for direct contact with you regarding this matter.

Metro Customer Relations
Karen Kern

At this point please note that Karen Kern indicated that see would forward this information for direct contact.  I am not sure that this promise will be kept after seeing her next email.


From: Myles Rose 
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 10:39 AM
To: Customer Relations
Subject: RE: FW: Comment #: 3904


One more point if somebody feels the problem is the U.S. Mail - my son xxxxxx xxxxx  also applied for a student TAP card on the same day which was supposed to be sent to his address at xxxxxxx .  He has not received his card either.  It seems quite likely that you folks are the issue and not the mail.

I am tracking the time it takes for this to be resolved.

Thank you.

Side note - my address and the address of my son are not the same address so it makes sense to me that it is unlikely that it was fault of the U.S. Postal System.


From: Customer Relations <CustomerRelations@metro.net>
Subject: RE: FW: Comment #: 3904
To: "'Myles Rose'
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 10:46 AM

You can contact them directly at 213-680-0054.  At this time, we were advised processing of student cards are 30 business days.   Sorry, but we do not have access to their secured database to check the status. 

Metro Customer Relations
Karen Kern

Well, here we go in circles.  Apparently Karen needs to go back and see what she told me she was going to do.



I have tried to call them.  Over and over and over.  Either I am put on hold and the call never answered or the number is busy.

This is the case of being passed off from you, Customer Relations, to somebody else where you are washing your hands of this?

The student card AND my renewal of my TAP disabled card was turned in at the same time, almost two months ago.

I have supplied YOU with my data, the receipt number, etc.

My expired TAP is AX-10-43-00000 xxxxxx  0160 xxxx xxxx xxxx   

Once again, this card expired on 8/31/2010.  I renewed it on 8/4/2010.  It has not arrived and I have no way to check on it as the number you gave me is not answered.

I am requesting you escalate this to somebody who actually wishes to provide a degree of customer service.  My initial contact to Metro was off the website and was sent to you.  I expect you to take ownership of this issue.  If you cannot do this I expect an email address sent back to me of somebody who can provide service.

As far as customer relations, you are not doing a very good job.

Myles S. Rose


At 4:30pm I wrote back to Karen Kern a short email:  

Please read what you wrote to me earlier.  I expect you to follow through ....  

I'll forward your information to them for direct contact with you regarding this matter.



This morning I received a call from Karen and a supervisor Jim.  Karen took my issue to Jim who tracked down both the cards and both cards are now in process and expected shortly.  In the mean time he has sent temporary cards out in overnight mail.

Bottom line here?  I use the service of L.A. Metro a lot, many times each week, their light rail (red, gold lines).  My boys use their bus services including the orange line.  I have always been impressed with their operational service and now I am equally impressed with their customer service.

Their customer service did resolve my problems across their own department boundaries without additional inconvenience on my part which was very nice.

ATT can take a lesson from L.A. Metro.  Come to think of it, many companies can take a lesson from them as well.

- end -

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