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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

NRA - National Rifle Association

When I was a young teen I was a Junior Member of the National Rifle Association.

I attended firearms safety classes, marksmanship classes and a few years later when I entered military school I was on their shooting teams.  A few years after that I entered military service and was a member of the Navy Rifle and Navy Pistol Team.  In 1984-1985 I was a member of the Sheriff pistol team.  But .... I had let my NRA membership lapse.  Until 2012.

I wonder if our elected officials look at the percentages of letters, calls and communications they receive each day and compare those that say well done versus those with complaints?  One reason I re-joined the NRA is to add one more voice to an organized group and support them financially as well.

The actions by our government at the State and National level were of growing concern for me on many subjects, not just firearms.  Budget changes can take years to make a change but how our elected representatives respond and act on firearms legislation gives an immediate picture of their views.

I joined the NRA in 2012 as I stated about and now spend time as a very active member writing our representatives on a regular basis, calling their offices and posting on social media such as facebook, twitter, reddit and on this blog which has been read almost 15 million times.

You can read more of what I have posted on social media and learn my own thoughts by clicking on "read more" below.

 Gov. Jerry Brown,

I strongly oppose Senate Bill 374 (Steinberg) which bans the future sale or transfer of and classify ALL semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine or holding more than ten rounds of ammunition as "assault weapons" and the continued legal possession of these newly classified semi-automatics as “assault weapons” would require that you REGISTER and pay a FEE (TAX) on ALL of them.

This bill is poorly written and not specific enough to be seriously considered.  It is obvious that a hidden agenda is the main objective here.

Most semi-automatic pistols can have the barrel replaced in moments without tools.  If a long barrel were installed this law could easily be interpreted to define the pistol as an assault rifle.  The issue of an additional tax and registration is another matter which I also strongly oppose.

I am not happy with your term in office on many matters, not just matters of firearms.  I intend to vote out, or support any recall effort, against current elected members currently in office unless I see a change in direction by you and these officials.  Opposition to firearms legislation like SB 374 is an immediate indicator to me that you may be showing some degree of common sense in my eyes.  Changing the budget or economic state of California will take time.  This is the primary reason I watch with interest at your (and our other state representatives) actions on these subjects.

Assembly Bill 169 (Dickinson) limits the sale and transfer of all lawfully acquired firearms that were never, or are no longer, on the California roster of approved handguns to two a year and redefines the technical provisions of single short pistols.

If a firearm were legally purchased at one point there should be a grandfather clause in AB169.  The ACLU could find this unconstitutional.

Assembly Bill 180 (Bonta) repeals state firearms preemption by allowing the City of Oakland to enact ordinances that are more restrictive than state laws concerning the registration or licensing of firearms.

If AB180 is approved by you I would take that to mean that any city, town or municipality could invoke their own laws.

Assembly Bill 231 (Ting) expands the law relating to the storage of firearms.

AB231 does little more than allow the law to impact how people live under their own roof.  This is not 1984, Fahrenheit 451 or Brave New World.  Yet.

Assembly Bill 711 (Rendon) makes California the first state in the nation to prohibit the use of all lead ammunition for hunting.

Environmental impact studies have not been looked at objectively.  There is no reason for this bill.  But, there are industrial sites you could direct attention to clean up.  Since you are focusing on this issue rather than industrial contamination it is clear to be that this is part of the agenda to keep ammunition out of the hands of the public.  Once one type of ammunition is against the law it is a simple matter to expand the list.

Senate Bill 567 (Jackson) redefines shotguns to include any firearm that may be fired through a rifled bore or a smooth bore, regardless of whether it is designed to be fired from the shoulder. SB 567 also bans the sale of shotguns encompassed by the revised definitions that have a revolving cylinder, and requires registration of these currently owned shotguns.

One more example of increasing the list of firearms which were once legal to being illegal.

Senate Bill 683 (Block) expands California’s handgun safety certificate requirement to apply to all firearms, and prohibits anyone from purchasing or transferring any firearm without a firearm safety certificate.

An agenda for increased control, taxes, fees, registration.  One step closer to 1984, F451, etc.

Senate Bill 755 (Wolk) expands the list of persons prohibited from owning a firearm, including persons who have operated cars and boats while they are impaired commonly referred to as DUI.

How about expanding this bill to remove elected officials from office who show poor judgement, in some cases more than once.  People that post photos of their penis on twitter.  People who cheat, lie, have affairs, sex scandals.  The City of Bell may have been caught but how many crooks are still out there?  Let's look into Wolk's background and life?

The last time I looked, being convicted of a felony impacted a right to own firearms.  A traffic citation that could be cleared from a record via a fine and/or community service did not.

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