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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the stupidity continues

In middle September of this year I wrote a piece on the Tea Party debates held in Florida.  It was a pathetic showing on the part of most of the participants.  If this is the best America has to offer you might as well trade in your coins of gold for bullets of lead as the revolution is coming.

After seeing the story below I felt that a post that will follow some of the headlines which lead up to the next election was indicated.  The Rick Perry piece below is the first of what may be many as this post is updated in the future.

More below.

Rick Perry - what an idiot.  When will these flat tax promoters realize that 20% tax on somebody barely surviving will break them and 20% tax on a high income individual may only possibly alter the selection of a bottle of wine at a meal in an overpriced restaurant? 

On paper Rick Perry's ideas have some merit.  He wants to simplify things, send in your information on a post card (don't forget that the USPS is failing) and maintain certain deductions for home mortgage and social security.  Once again, on paper it sounds pretty good.  Then again, this is the same fellow who prayed for rain when there was a drought in his state.  No rain arrived and a short time later wildfires covered the state as Texas burst into flames.  Whether you believe that the Pope can talk directly to God or not it seemed pretty clear to me that God was not working with Rick Perry.

Don't forget that we are ramping up for a big election and these folks will say just about anything to get a possible vote.  How would he get this passed?  Look at how little gets accomplished in our government machine today.  Yeah, you think this would fly?  Like a detached engine falling from an airplane just hit by a terrorist missile.  Say one thing today, change it tomorrow.  If it even happened in the first place.

In regard to the above story, ANY option or choice offered to people in the highest income brackets that results in minimal tax paid will generally be chosen.  The issue which is continually skirted is that many people in the highest income brackets are impacted the least by taxes.

As a side note, that pizza fellow with that 9-9-9 idea was a real slice of smarts himself, don't you think?  Nope. Over the years we have had people from all walks of life be President of the United States of America.  Maybe it is time that during the crisis this country is in today we have a pizza man lead the nation?  No?  What about one of the folks that put us where we are now?  Or one of the people who may not be directly responsible for putting us here but keep stopping any potential progress or actually any change by addressing their own political self interest and refuse to work as a team? 

My own though, they are all worthless.  Watching the news and the headlines it seems as if I am not alone in my thinking.

To be continued .....

10/26/11 - Perry's tax plan panned by conservatives and liberals

10/27/11 - Rick Perry may skip some GOP debates http://t.co/yOVny05q
My question:  Because he does not want some of his commentary recorded for all time or because he does not want to be seen in a group of questionable individuals?

Rick Perry, who demanded to see Obama's college grades, got a C in American history, F & D in Chem

John Boehner's Nonsense About a "Neo-Soviet" Russia - http://www.forbes.com/sites/markadomanis/2011/10/26/john-boehners-nonsense-about-a-neo-soviet-russia/


http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/28/republican-candidates-brace-for-congressional-committees-deadline/ - The Republican candidates for president are doing everything they can to distance themselves from Washington.

The contenders and the pretenders of the Republican race - http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/post/the-contenders-and-the-pretenders-of-the-republican-race/2011/10/27/gIQAVXwMPM_blog.html

Herman Cain: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Should 'Go Home And Get A Job And A Life'. 
Maybe as part of Cain's economic plan he will offer them jobs as pizza delivery folks? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/28/herman-cain-occupy-wall-street_n_1063703.html


The Tea Party Pork Binge - They brought the nation to the brink of default over spending, but a Newsweek investigation shows Tea Party lawmakers grabbing billions from the government trough. Plus, view the letters submitted by the 'Dirty Dozen.'


Round and round they go, solving no problem, covering the same ground over and over, no direction and the same tactics.  What do they say crazy is?  Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result. 

The tax plans from Rick Perry and Herman Cain would make millionaires vastly richer while raising taxes on the middle class. It's voodoo economics gift-wrapped for rich voters.

Republican presidential candidates are falling over themselves promising to cut your taxes. Well, probably not your taxes. Somebody else's taxes. Somebody rich.

First there was Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, which would replace all of our current taxes with a 9 percent national sales tax, a 9 percent "business tax" and a 9 percent tax on income. Now Rick Perry says that his 20 percent "flat tax" is even better. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann says Perry stole her idea. But let's be clear: These are massive tax cuts for the rich, not for most of us.



Poorest poor in US hits new record: 1 in 15 people -  http://news.yahoo.com/poorest-poor-us-hits-record-1-15-people-040233161.html


For a Republican Party that has spent the better part of its presidential campaign proving that most of its candidates are not smarter than a fifth grader, the real scandal around frontrunner-of-the-moment Herman Cain is not what he knows. It’s what he doesn’t know.

Rick Perry + Al Gore ≠ global warming logic
When Al Gore was in the White House, global warming was a disaster of the first order. Republican presidential candidates are now saying it is anything from a fraud to trivial.


Cain, conservatives look foolish blaming scandal on race 


I question the thought process of another candidate.  Why would somebody punish an entire team who worked hard to get where they are rather than just single out the offender?  Perhaps this is a political scandal in the making?  Perhaps Rick Santorum has a bet on the game and wants to swing things in his favor?  Maybe I read too much into this and it is just a lack of common sense on his part.  Then again, look at the company he is keeping and it is not a surprise.


The Not-So-Super Committee Fails, As Expected http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/breakout/not-super-committee-fails-expected-135227601.html

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