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Los Angeles Architectural History

Los Angeles Architectural History
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Mike Gatto - Firearms Friend or Foe?

I have written a number of pieces on politics and some of the leaders that run this country.  I have been following Mike Gatto, my assemblyman.  I have been happy with many of the things he has done. ... most of them.

I am now watching him closely in regard to a particular bill in process, SB53.  You can read the full context of SB 53 here if you want to take a crack at figuring out what is actually happening in this mess at https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140SB53

In any event, the Principal coauthor, Yee has been found to be a criminal as a side note.

Recently I wrote Mike Gatto.  I am waiting for a response.  What I wrote and the rest of the story can be seen if you click on "read more" below.

I sent you a message a few days ago and have received no response.  I was a supporter of yours and wish to know your thoughts on this bill. You have voted in favor of this bill in the past yet I felt you were a reasonable politician and had some faith which is why I wrote the message to you.  

I am strongly opposed to SB53.  The provision of this bill that makes mail order ammunition sales illegal is a problem for me.  The fact that it was co-authored by Yee, a known criminal at this point in time, is one more reason the bill should be tossed.  When judges are found to be corrupt their convictions can be overturned. Yee should have anything he was a part of be overturned.

Online sales is a form of business that keeps sporting ammunition prices more competitive.  There are other ways one could have checks and guidelines other than making the practice illegal.  

SB53 is one more shining example of folks like DeLeon and Yee putting everything but the proverbial kitchen sink in a piece of legislation.  If folks don't believe me they need to read the bill at the link posted earlier in this piece.  It is easy to see why so many folks think our lawmakers are out of control.  To digress for a moment ... Making BB guns illegal for example unless translucent or brightly colored? This is a great example of the overboard insanity going on in government.  At night colors are not visible.  How many times has a child been shot by law enforcement by mistake when the child was holding an airsoft gun which was brightly colored .... or not colored at all?  More than a few times unfortunately.  This has little to do with the end product and has much more to do with the education of people, better training for law enforcement, and the enforcement of existing laws.  

Criminals love guns being made harder to get as they could care less about the law.  Less guns in homes, better odds for them.  

I will be keeping an eye on SB53 as this is something that is tied directly to your scope of influence.


Update -  I received the following from the office of Mike Gatto.  I had noted that he did vote to oppose the bill.

Click on this image for the original size version

As a side note, Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra voted in favor of SB53.  You can cross him off my list of our elected representatives who think.  You can also see which of our elected officials just "phoned it in" and did nothing for their constituents in the below image.

Click on image for original size version

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